Settled in 2

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your letter regarding Matty and Tilda. I had updated Jenny back in April as to their progress. About that time my Mother in Law had a diagnosis of terminal bowl cancer with about 6 to 9 months to live. Unfortunately she became very ill and died a week last Monday. Given what was going on at that time I must apologies that I did not answer your first letter.

However, the World continues to rotate and the kittens are doing well.

We have renamed Tilda to Milly and therefore have Matty and Milly or M and M! They have had all their vaccinations from Buttercross Vets in Bingham – been going their for 32 years now so they know us! Their chips have been registered so they are on the database. 

As to M and M – they have been great. This is them settled together in the cat conservatory! They are close and even though they have grown they quite often still sleep together.

We had a couple of toilet accidents in the first two days but that was down to strange surroundings and there are no issues. Apart from an odd hiss from our other cats there have been no issues with them settling in with the others. Matty has taken to Smudge who he is trying to get to mother him I think. Sorry about the quality of the photo. Milly is the curious one. She is also the naughty one but is so cute she gets away with it. She sits in the bath watching for the dripping tap and tries to catch the drop. It gives me a good excuse to not fix it for a while. Although they are inside cats, Milly,  a couple of weeks ago, managed to get out at 9.30pm. We could see her but she would not come to us so I stayed up until 2.30 am with the conservatory door open and she did come back inside with that ‘what’s wrong’ look on her face. Milly does come to us for some fuss but Matty is still weary although catch him in the right place and you can stroke him. Time will bring progress on that. However they both will take food from our hands – strange how food breaks down boundaries. 

Milly with not a care in the World!
Milly with Chloe on the left, Holly and Peggy in the basket – Strange why our cats mostly have names ending in ‘y’! Many thanks for letting us take on these two amazing cats and I trust that you will be satisfied that they have a happy, safe and caring home with Gail and me. If you ever need to see them please do let me know.
Clive and Gail