Hi Brian,
Nice to hear from you. Luvvy is now called Larry and he is settling in well. He was very nervous at the beginning and it was hard work bless him. But as time has gone on he’s really settled in. He has freedom of the house and can come and go outside as he pleases. He’s becoming more and more affectionate as time goes on but is still very nervous. Larry gets on really well with my other cat Charley, a couple of spats in the beginning but now they rough and tumble together and play happily. They have become a bit of a team!!!
As time goes by he gets more and more confident with us humans and he has settled into our little family very well!! Watching him play with his toys is hilarious, he’s absolutely mental when he gets going lol!! 
Thanks for getting in touch and what a marvellous job you do!!!
Thanks  and all the best 😊😊😊😊