I actually received the letter asking for an update on how Fudge was doing a while ago, but I ended up losing the letter and forgetting what the email was! Found it this morning.
We sort-of renamed Fudge to Ginger Fudge – The reason being was when we initially found him, before we knew he was a stray, we called him “Ginger Boy” because we didn’t want to give him a name and get too attached (In case we found he had an owner) we liked the name Fudge for him, but have been using Ginger for so long that it’s now the default name we call out when referring to him, so we just decided to make his first name Ginger and his last name Fudge.
Fudge is doing good with us, this area was his home before we adopted him so he settled back in quickly, although the first thing he did once he could go outside was scent spray every plant in walking distance!
He also became incredibly clingy after we got him back, he would keep hugging my girlfriends arm whenever she was sat on the sofa, and would yeowl whenever he was left alone in a room for longer then five minutes.
After about a month he realised we weren’t going to disappear and settled down. His eye problems haven’t resurfaced and he looks a lot healthier and happier than when we initially found him. He gets on well with our other cat, Luna, most of the time, although when she gets hyperactive it seems to annoy him, leading to the cat equivalent of arguments. It’s always got the energy of a grumpy old man yelling at the kids to stop running in the house.
He has a habit of trying to eat anything that looks slightly edible, we discovered his love of mcdonalds quarter pounder burgers as he rummaged in the bags after we had finished, so we now have to be more prompt with cleaning up any food that’s unhealthy for cats (our Luna has always been smart enough to avoid junk food and things that cats can’t eat so we never felt an urgency to dispose of leftovers quickly before) His habit to eat anything put in front of him has also lead to a few instances where he has overfed himself and thrown up some of his food, as he has absolutely no chill when it comes to eating food. Thankfully these instances are getting less frequent as he seems to be realising that he can leave his food unattended and still count on the next meal to be there.
Despite being clearly happier, he still has major Old Man energy, having picked out a favourite chair which he spends the majority of his time sleeping on, and being too lazy to jump up things unless it involves reaching food. He can jump and run just fine when he feels like it but we often have to open the kitchen door for him to go outside because he can’t be bothered to jump onto the windowsill to exit via the window.
So overall, Fudge is doing well, he’s happy and healthy, minus a few cases where he has overeaten!