Settled in 4

Hi Brian,

Sorry I’ve just received your second letter and realised I hadn’t replied before! Panther and Bear have settled right in and it feels like they have always been part of our family. We have kept their names the same and they have been neutered and microchipped. They are indoor cats as was our previous cat and have shown little interest in wanting to venture into the back garden at the moment. They are quite happy racing round the house causing mischief. They both have completely different personalities. Bear is very laid back and loves to chill out, Panther is our little crazy kitten, he’s into anything and everything! We have found the most perfect kittens to replace the massive cat shaped hole we had in our hearts after losing our cat Stanley in March. They make us laugh every day and love to have cuddles with us. Thank you so much for trusting us to have Panther and Bear. I have attached some pictures for you.

Kind regards