Settled in 4

Gosh I’m so sorry, you emailed a while ago and I forgot to answer. We’ve had a pretty rough time recently.  
Luna (she’s still called Luna) is absolutely amazing. We all love her so much. She settled in pretty much immediately. She is a surprisingly confident cat. One worry was our dogs. She honestly doesn’t care at all about them and will stare them down! For all she comes to us all, her best friend is my twelve year old daughter. She usually chooses to sleep with her. If she thinks my daughter should be in bed, she will repeatedly come up to her and meow, she then runs upstairs. This little routine continues until my daughter gives in and goes to bed.  She loves cat TV (my daughter discovered this) and will meow, look at the TV and expect someone to put it on for her. She loves belly rubs (I’ve never known this is a cat), and will flop down and roll over for you to stroke her belly. She is also very determined to join anyone who is in the bathroom! Thankfully, as an indoor cat, she has never attempted to try and escape outside. Although, we are all remarkably cautious when opening doors etc.
As an added story, we now think my son has been having partial seizures for many years. Some mornings he would wake up with Pixie (formerly Pifky), the other cat we adopted from you many years ago, on his chest. We now think she was aware of his partial seizures. Aren’t animals just amazing?
We are so grateful to you for allowing us to adopt Luna. She is such an amazing and loved member of our family.
Hope you’re all well,