Settled In

Good afternoon,
I’m writing in reply to your letter which I received today.

George & Michael  (Milo & Valcur) are doing very well.
It’s as if they have always been with us forever.
The vet was very happy with them at their checkup and vaccinations.
They are beautiful boys and make us laugh everyday with their shenanigans.
We love them very much and are so pleased that we adopted them.
Like our other cats they are quite spoilt with lots of playing love and affection.
We hope that we have many happy years with them.
They have their own instagram account and lots of followers where I post cute pictures of them.
Their account name is george_michael _the _gingers if you have instagram or if you would like to follow them.
George especially is always up to mischief and cracks us up with laughter.
I hope the photos are ok, if you need anymore just let me know,
I have 100s.
Kind regards