Settled In

Hi Brian
They are really good thanks.  I’ve been sending photos to their foster mum but haven’t sent one for a while so I’ll send one soon.  
They are absolutely gorgeous little girls.  So affectionate and growing by the second!  I gave them the names Lottie and Nellie when I brought them home.  They were Annie and something else that I can’t remember when I got them. 
They have stolen the heart of the vet!  He is convinced they are pedigree even though I keep telling him the are just moggies.  He says they’re too beautiful to be moggies! Which they are! 
Nellie was the very shy one of the two and she has really come on leaps and bounds. She’s still shy with strangers but very confident with me. She is such a sweetie and purrs like a little buzz saw! 
Lottie is still confident and will go to anyone for a fuss!  They love my dog Arthur and are obsessed with my other cat, Geoffrey.  Shame he doesn’t feel the same! I would say he tolerates them but they adore him! 
They are still devoted to each other as the photo shows! 
They would love to be included in your website and calendar I’m sure! Lottie is a little poser!