Settled In

Good afternoon Brian,
I’m just responding the letter I received today, regarding our little Pixie. 
I did send a Facebook message a few days after she arrived to say she had settled in well and exploring every inch of her new home, literally… she hasn’t been up the chimney since her first explore, so she obviously realised she didn’t want to be chimney sweep after all!
We kept Pixie’s name. Although she was still young when we got her we didn’t feel it was fair to change her name. It also saved us from the alternative of Aurora Cinderella Tinkerbelle Beauty Ariel Jasmine which was the 3 years olds choice of name but I think you would agree a little long to be shouting at night! She does also suit her name as she is still very dainty with large pointy ears.
We let Pixie outside after about two weeks and she very much loves being outdoors. She has settled into her surroundings, goes off after breakfast and we are lucky to see her before dinner. We are usual gifted with a mouse in the afternoon – although I wish she would make sure they were dead before presenting them to us. However she is still very affectionate and we are generally blessed with evening cuddles after her dinner.
Pixie is a beautiful affectionate cat, she has settled in well with our family and we all love her very much. 
 Thank you for letting us adopt Pixie.

Kind regards