Settled In

Good afternoon,
I’ve just received a letter in the post asking for a follow up on Eve, the lovely black cat we adopted a few months back.  She settled in perfectly after a few weeks with very few hiccups.  She was very laid back and extremely affectionate to start with, and as she is getting more confident her playful and mischievous side is coming out, which we love!  She is still very affectionate and loves nothing more than to curl up on mine or my partner’s knees.  
She is also recovering well from her previous injury, and can now jump up on all the surfaces in the house! Much to our annoyance but we’re just glad she is able to be active.  She had a bit of pain in one of her legs, but a month on some different painkillers has sorted it out perfectly.  We are planning on getting her some follow-up X-rays to assess for any early signs of arthritis as she is more likely to get this as she gets older.  We have decided that Eve is now going to be an indoor cat, as we couldn’t bear the idea of something bad happening to her. We have plans to build her an outdoor area (google ‘catio’ – they’re amazing) when we have time.
I’ve attached a few pictures of her all settled in.  I can’t thank Lincoln cat care enough for bringing this wonderful bundle of fluffy joy into our lives!
Thank you,