Missing Cats 1 (pre mid 2020)

If you see one of the cats featured here please either phone 01522 306195 or mailto:howsyourcat77@gmail.com

2020 (cont)

STARMAN has been missing from the Ermine since March ’20
Male tabby neutered called MONTY been missing from Buslingthorpe/ faldingworth area since Monday the 22nd june . we have searched all over and no sign of him. He is microchipped and super friendly ( he has a very load meow) any sightings of him would you please call me 07534212248 thank you
I’m very concerned about my cat SIMBA. He hasn’t been home in about a week now. Please if anyone sees him down LN1 then please let me know. Very upset mama here 
My name is MISTY,I am a female, I live in Blankney and usually sit on my wall. I don’t wear a collar as I usually take them off. I am chipped, to my old address in Branston but the mobile phone number is still the same. I am a very much loved cat and have lived here for over a year and know exactly where I live. I am a very friendly cat, probably too friendly and someone could’ve easily picked me up and taken me.
Our cat TEDDY went out yesterday between 3 and 4pm but hasn’t come home yet. He never really goes far, and never misses a meal. He normally hangs around Aurelius Way, North Hykeham.
This is BENNY my beautiful boy, he is neutered and chipped. He has been missing for 3 weeks now from the Dunham-On-Trent area. I have put up posters, put flyers through every door in my neighbourhood, advertised on every social media lost site, called every vet I can, he is not a wanderer although socially very friendly. I spend my days off tramping the streets calling him, please if anyone has any information even if its not good news please let me know, as the loss is eating away at my heart.
missing since 1st Feb, please check sheds and out buildings.
Missing from Newport area in Lincoln, KOKO. She is easily recognisable as she has a stumpy tail.


Please can I report our cat missing from the Carlton Centre area, Ln2 4wd. 
His name is LEVI. He’s not a massive male cat, no excess fat on him. His tale was bitten, quite close to the base, so he tends to have his tale hanging down (he can still move it though). He’s a tabby with bright yellow eyes. Strong, thick, black stripes down his back. 
 He was wearing a blue hi-viz collar, but he often looses his collars… So most probably naked at the moment. He’s microchipped. 
  we saw him last on the 10th December 2019. He’s usually good at coming home when we call his name
Lost in Baumber, LN9 5ND. CLEO has been missing since mid November and we miss her so much. She is a 1 year old tabby and is extremely affectionate. Any news on her would be amazing. She is micro chipped so hoping somebody will find her and we will be reunited.
WILLOW has been missing since mid October from the Glebe Park area. He is a semi-long hair tabby, neutered, aged 13 and very friendly. He’s not wearing a collar but is chipped. Unfortunately I don’t have very good photos as I haven’t had him that long.
Please has anyone seen my daughters and grand daughters cat LEO been missing from Russell Avenue, north Hykeham area since Monday 7 October
This is OLIVER and he’s missing from his Harby home. This is the second breed cat to go missing from here. Have you seen or been offered a cat?
If anyone around Digby /RAF Digby / Ashby de la Launde sees MALLEY can you let us know please
our beloved cat LIBBY has been missing since Monday 30 July from Buttercup Way,North Hykeham. She has previously got stuck in a garage and green house. I’ve been out calling her, handed out posters etc but no joy. Please keep an eye out for her, we miss her loads and are worried sick. ***Libby hasn’t got a collar on currently but is chipped
Our cat COOKIE went missing from Fen road Billinghay nearly 3 weeks ago 5/7/19.
She is microchipped, neutered but doesn’t wear a collar. She is a light coloured grey tabby, almost khaki with black stripes and a grey patch around her mouth.
LOUISE hasn’t been home since 23rd May and never usually strays. Thelma is lost without her sister.
We are in the Branston area.
Missing from Harby area. KIMBO is chipped and owners just moved from saxilby. Any information please contact
Missing from Brant Road area, neutered and microchipped. Black cat with white socks and markings under his chin and belly. Responds to the name AJ, he’s very friendly!
Has put on a bit of weight since these pictures and no longer wears a collar.
CHUBSTER is missing from Brant Road near the surgery
if anyone is around the Birchwood area and sees my cat please please get in contact with me @ 07508075908
He hasn’t been seen all week he never leaves the street, he is responsive to his name which is MURPHY, he is neutered but isn’t microchipped, he is wearing an orange collar with my number on the inside with a Gryffindor bandanna attached,
He is 9 years old and has a fluffy tail, he is also very food driven, he will respond to his name and is extremely friendly.
if you see LEO please call. Leo was last seen seen at home – Sheepwash Lane, Heighington on the 05/01/19


Pure white cat missing from Bassingham torgate ave area . Last seen 27th December 2018. If anyone has seen him or comes across him please get in touch answers to the name of BOBBY
KAT is 6 years old, spayed and microchipped.
Missing from Sunday 16th, from Allenby Close, Lincoln
VINNIE is missing from Cherry Willingham. He is neutered and chipped, no collar. Please check sheds/garages in case he is trapped.
This is our cat TEDDY he’s been missing since Wednesday, we are located in digby if anyone has seen him please could you let us know. He is very friendly and nosey so maybe could have been locked in a shed, stable etc many thanks
My boy APOLLO is missing in North Hykeham area x he is aged 10 and is chipped please  let me know if any sightings x thanks in advance
Hey everyone can you keep a look out for a black fluffy cat around Brant road and Calder road she is chipped and does have a collar on with her name KAMMY and my mobile number
CHARLIE , Chipped and Neutered , missing from Kirkstead Bridge area Woodhall Spa since last Sunday 16 sept 01526352295
BELLE. She is very nervous & timid & been missing from east ermine area of Lincoln since 14th August. When last seen she did have a collar on but could possibly have lost it by now.
If seen please call 01522 279647
Pretty girl ROSIE is missing from home in Mill Lane, Sturton by Stow. She is mchipped and 9 yrs old. Please check sheds/garages and out buildings if you live near the old Mill.