Settled in 6

Dear Brian

We adopted Winnie and Nelson (was named Elvis) from their wonderful foster carer Emily who did a great job raising two beautifully natured cats. 

It was a rough start as they were so scared at first and stayed in hiding for a couple of weeks. Winnie was the bravest and emerged first. She is very inquisitive and intelligent and loves attention. She’s always seeking strokes and has the loudest purr ever. Nelson slowly started to peep out and I’m pleased to say is now totally settled in. He’s got the bushiest tail and is always clumsily knocking things over. He’s a lovely chilled out chap and his dopey little ways are so endearing. 

They both come to life during the evening and run riot together. They love to play together and their favourite toy is a fishing rod which gets them jumping unbelievably high. They are also oddly fascinated by cable ties which they like to carry round like sticks. 

After losing our previous cat to cancer, these two have helped us a great deal and we are so happy to give them a loving home. 

Thank you for all the good work you and your fosterers do. 

Michelle and James