Missing Cats 3 (2022)

If you see one of the cats featured here please either phone 01522 306195 or mailto:howsyourcat77@gmail.com

Our Cat CODY has been missing from the Witham St Hughs area for nearly two weeks now. he’s loved and missed so much and we’re obviously very worried because of the weather.
We live at 64 Warren lane. Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Still looking and holding out hope for my lost cat PURDI
She’s a small, lender black and white female cat with quite a long tail and very long white whiskers and ‘eyebrows’.
4 white paws, white belly, bib and chin, black on top and most of her face
She can be quite vocal, with lots of trills and meows, which can be quite long and dramatic.
She’s really friendly but is skittish so can be scared easily.
No collar
She is Microchipped to an address in Wakefield. Just haven’t got around to changing it as she recently moved to Lincoln and had never been outside until she escaped from the upstairs window in July.
*Edit* lower highstreet, Vernon street, Lincoln, UK
I really want to know where she is, alive, or even the alternative
If you see her please contact myself by messanger or phone: 07738010515
Please could you share. My male cat has been missing since around 9pm on Monday 27/11/2017 He is a large cat. He is chipped and his chip is marked as missing. His name is CAT. He is missing from the City school/skellingthorpe road area. He has a white belly and paws and a white patch on his nose. He has a black spot on his chin too. X He was wearing a bead collar that my daughter made for him and he had recently lost a piece of his ear when he went missing.
Still hoping almost 5 years later that he will come home. My daughters cat, she misses him so much.
It is now 5 months since LOUIE went missing from Appleby nr Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire DN15 since June but we haven’t given up..he is out there somewhere just need to find him..
He is chipped neutered male all black and was wearing a blue collar with medallion tag with our number on but probably lost that by now. He is 9yrs old . He is very very loved and missed by us and his three furry brothers and sisters…all black rescues the village is surrounded by fields woods farmlands and stables and he is a very independent outdoor cat and has stayed out an odd night before but nothing..not one sighting…i am heartbroken ..we always thought he would just walk back in as if nothing happened but with colder weather we now think he might have wandered further than normal in the good weather and is either still on his adventure and will come home or gone a bit too far and got lost, he is a clever little thing, timid and knows the area well .. there are so many stables farms and buildings he could be hanging out …but equally it’s a long time he could be anywhere by now.
I have searched daily for five months walking… calling..dashing off to possible sightings..with help of friends i have leafleted everywhere can think of posted on all local sites..please please help and keep eyes open…he does have some distinguishing features I can describe if think seen him…
If you know anyone may have taken a black ‘stray’ in over summer ( missing since 11th june) or feeding strays and wildlife and noticed a new black cat or if see any posts anywhere I might have missed please do get in touch..I am trying to raise awareness locally and even the postman helping me taking leaflets but just wanted to make more people aware
Thanks ever so much xx
Has anyone seen BELLA? She’s been missing from Cherry Willingham since the weekend. She’s small, timid and blind in one eye. I hate to think of her being trapped somewhere, she’ll be so frightened. She’s chipped.
This is FLUFF, he’s currently missing after our home was removed from its mooring without consent with him inside. He’s been stuck inside the boat which is moored at The Pyewipe for 3 weeks whilst we waited for the police to get him out but he’s managed to escape and now can’t be found.
He has a very recognisable eye blip in his right eye, is super friendly and comes to his name but it’s urgent we find him as he is asthmatic and due his injection.
He’s probably around the Pyewipe, Burton Waters or carholme road area.
If you see him or have seen him please please let us know.
He is so desperately missed by both his cat friends and myself. He’s been my best friend for 10 years and I genuinely love him more than life itself.
This is BOB. He’s a friendly big boy and He’s been missing for a few days in hykeham on Langley road
Please if everyone can check their sheds around that area, Bobs little brother and the family are missing him!
Please contact me on 07388845811 or Message me on here if anyone has seen him or has any information
Thank you all
*Missing from Peake Close, Holdingham Sleaford**
HERBIE our 7 year old cat has been missing since the 15th October. He left the cat flap at 1.10am and he has not been back or seen since.
Any sightings or information, please contact me.
My friends cat HORACE has not returned home in just over a week now. Please if anyone is looking after him or has at least seen him about recently, contact me. He lives on North Street, Digby. — at Red Lion Digby

Just moved into my new house on Mettam Rd Waddington
The new persimmon houses.
The door got left open and my beautiful cat VERA ran out please look out for her she doesn’t have a collar but has a chip Been missing since 21st Sept
ANGEL has been missing since mid September, around Laughton way north lincoln, my friends daughter is very sad ‘cos Angel was friendly to her, and his owners are missing him as well. He is chipped
If someone saw him around or have him please let us know
Missing from nettleham road area.
2 yo female. Chipped and Neutered.
Orange collar. LCC3 NARLA
My cats missing from hermit street area since last night very concerned as she’s an indoor cat and can be nervous around people she’s unfortunately not chipped so if anyone sees her please get in touch don’t approach her as it might scare her NELLY
Hi my cat COCO was last seen in my garden in laburnum close north hykeham on 16th September. He is a totally black male cat with amber eyes. He is 15 years old and very thin and deaf. He is very friendly. He is chipped but sadly at our old address in Beverley East Yorkshire. He is registered at vet lincs in Birchwood
Hi! My lovely DOTTIE hasn’t been home in 2 days 😞 she’s an outdoor explorer but usually comes home for her food, so naturally I’m concerned about her whereabouts. I’m moving house in 2 weeks so I need her home. She’s very small, and answers to a shake of a treats bag.
She is missing from the Avondale street area of monks road.
Please can everyone have a look out for ARLO the cat – he lives on Winn street near our pub and often visits us. He hasn’t been seen for 2 days so if you see him please let us know asap
MAGICis missing!! We are in the de-wint avenue area…she has been missing since late Aug. She did go off for a few days before that but I was calling her and she appeared at the back of my garden..plz if someone is feeding her or took her in let me no…she has never gone off before!! She is microchipped to me and is spayed..My kids and me would like our baby girl home… thanks in advance..please can very one share this..xx
Please can you help us as this is our cat PABLO who has been missing since around 7pm on Wednesday 31st August. We live in the Lakelands/Birchwood area of Lincoln and would appreciate if you can please check your garages and sheds to see if he has been locked inside. Although he is quite timid, he is very nosey and may have wandered in, found a cosy spot and fallen asleep. He may also have wandered off into the woods between the Skellingthorpe Road and Doddington Road roundabouts as our house backs onto these woods in case anyone walks their dogs in this area.
He is microchipped so if you find him and are unsure, you can take him to any vet or the RSPCA who will be able to scan and identify him. We are offering a reward to anyone who finds our Pablo as he is very precious to our family. Many thanks for your help.
Paul and Diane – 07968 287594
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Many thanks for taking my call today and for your kind offer to help us finding our missing cat, CASPER. 
He is one year old, grey and white shorthair. Last seen on the evening of 8th of August 2022 at post mill close, north Hykeham, Lincoln.
 Please call 07380282705 if you see him.
This is LUNA and she’s missing from her home on the bypass edge of Skellingthorpe near Daisy Made. she is not chipped.
Missing cat – He often clears off for a bit but not seen him for since late July. If people could just check sheds and garages. Very friendly but getting old so please let me know if you’ve seen him. I’m Waltham Road based near Birchwood. MILO
Please help us get MILLIE back home! 💔
A bit of back story, we lost our rented house early 2021 due to landlord selling. My kids and I moved in with my family whilst their dad moved in with his. The cats couldn’t come with any of us, but as they’re part of our family, rehoming them was not an option. So we found a lovely Foster home for them. Our family was literally ripped apart. Unfortunately our tabby cat got run over after a couple of months 😭💔 then the Foster mum said she couldn’t have the girls anymore. Thankfully, my wonderful friend from school offered to Foster them for us – we live near Birmingham so we travelled the girls up to Lincoln for this last stretch before our house is finally ready to move into
However, after a month or so, both girls explored a bit too far and got lost 💔 Mya was found a couple of weeks ago! 😭🎉 but Millie is still out there!
As a family, it’s been a rough 18 months. But to finally get our home, get our family back together, and our girls home with us would mean the world! Especially to our two children who have carried all this weight too!
So I am pleading with anyone who has seen a black cat hanging around to please get the chip scanned if possible! Please share this post! Please help us get MILLIEhome 💔
She answers to Millie / Mills well. She’s very friendly and will usually approach anyone. The only slight distinctive feature is her tail is somewhat shorter than the average cat 😂😍 although not really noticeable.
She was in the Greylees area. And possible sightings around the orchard?
Any help, or information would be hugely appreciated. We’re hoping to get Mya back home on the 14th August, and if we had Millie too it would honestly mean the world ❤️
Thank you for taking the time to read this
SHRIMP has been missing since 18th July. Very friendly black cat. He’s chipped.
Spencer street area.
So worried about him.
My sisters cat NALA has gone missing from St Margaret’s Gardens (Hykeham Road/Lincoln Road) last seen 3 days ago. They’ve recently moved home so she might be trying to find her way back to the Brant Road area. She’s very friendly, any sightings please let me know
Please Help. My boy is still missing in Waddington 4 weeks now. He got spooked on his 1st time out of the bungalow Pottergate Close, so he doesn’t know the area or his garden/home. He came from Cat Protection and was very nervous. Any news please contact me on 01522 723971 or 07946 599779 TOBY
KEVIN – St Giles area. I haven’t seen him since Monday.
He never usually goes far from the house so this isn’t like him at all 😭 Please message me if you think you see him so I can bring him home
Our cat LUNA has been missing from redbourne drive, ermine east for about 3 weeks now! Shes not chipped and doesn’t wear a collar but she’s been spayed. She’s completely black apart from the small white patch on her chest! It’s not like her to have been gone so long so we are becoming increasingly concerned! If anybody has seen her please let me know! Also, if anybody is feeding her please stop! She’s a skinny girl but is well fed, just petite! Thank you.
If anyone see’s or finds my cat JESS can you contact me. Female 7 years old, micro chipped and registered at Park View Vets. Missing from Ferrous Way. The estate next to Hykeham train station. Many Thanks
RUBY is a long hair tortoiseshell,  about 6 years old. 
She is a large cat.  Can be changeable in mood!! She is responsive to me and allows me to fuss her.  Other people she will not allow near her.
Please can you put her on your website and of course let me know if you have any news of a cat fitting her description being found.
As I say the microchip will still be registered to lincoln cat care from her home is Gynewell Grove area

Bakewell Mews, North Hykeham area
Black and white male cat, called SOCKS, microchipped.
Posting on behalf of my mum, whose cat has been missing since Friday 20th May
Please contact her on 07447467242 (Wora Day) if found or if you have any information. Please check garages and sheds.
NORA is missing from Bishops Green development in Welton. She is really timid and won’t likely approach but could well be trapped in a garage or shed. Please call 07866059183 if you think you have found her, thank you
PLEASE CALL 07527144362 or 01724 860045 IF YOU SEE ANYTHING, THANK YOU.
Missing from Whisby near the Garden Centre since early May GOOSE.
Missing 7 year old tabby cat around the sincil bank area.
Been missing since middle/late March
Not a strictly indoor only cat but has been in this area since the start of the year.
Previously lived near Tealby Street. BLU
This is LUNA missing from Cherry Willingham
OLIVER missing from nr blyton Gainsborough
3 weeks today since I last fed you and left you safe for the night ,not one sighting , microchipped company haven’t had any one contact them ,have you seen a strange black cat in your neighbourhood, have you been feeding a new cat, any info really appreciated very much loved and missed please look out for him
Our lovely boy SMUDGE has gone missing. He was let out at 4pm yesterday (7th March) and hasn’t been home since, which is very unusual for him and he never ventures far and only out for 20 minutes tops! In cherry willingham LN3. He doesn’t have a collar on but is microchipped. And he’s incredibly fluffy!
This lovely lady is missing from Brant Road LCC5
Monks Road area.
He doesn’t normally go out for long.
He’s been missing 2 days now. He comes to the name of REMUS and has one eye.
my 1 year old male tabby managed to escape his pet carrier whilst outside the vets ( rase vets rockery lane) He has a black collar on and is very friendly goes by the name DEXTER. he has been microchipped and is neutered.. I live near uni mcdonalds so he is quite far from home. Please If anyone sees him or manages to get hold of him message me please.
This is MISTY and she’s missing from Washingborough. Sadly she’s not chipped
My cat has gone missing around birchwood near prestwich Close can every body keep a eye out for her she is missing a bit of fur on her left side as was in vets 2 weeks ago please please share this post. She answers to the name of HOPE please help me find my baby she is not chipped as was getting her chipped this month she should be wearing a red collar as well
My beautiful cat COOPER has been missing for over a week. He is so friendly. Please if anyone has seen him please please message me. He is so missed. Sturton by stow area. He has a really fluffy tail and will answer to his name and come to you. Thankyou so much.
This is NORMAN he is missing from the whisby road area, if found please contact me.