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If any cats on this page interest you please call 01522 306195 for more information and to arrange a home visit
Master Dynamite is hoping for his own home now that he has been neutered/chipped. The name tells you about his character, a very lively boy, a bit more so than your normal kitten. He is a fairly unusual smoke black and is a lovely boy, not interested in adult cats, but likes the small cat friendly dog in the fosterers home. For more information, please phone 01522 306195 and to arrange a home visit.
This gentleman is Thomas or Teddy who has been passed around, unknown to us, fortunately back in our care from a few years ago. He is 9 or 10 now and best as an only cat, lovely lad, friendly and loves his food. He is a bit stiff on a hind leg but using treatment on his food once a day and he loves his food. For more information please phone 01522 306195.
Cody was born at a chicken farm to feral mum but you would never know now. He is the friendliest little guy you could meet . He loves attention and has no inclination to wonder far from your side , knowing what a better life he has now .
Would be okay with other cats , dogs and children ( although he can be a toe nibbler!) and loves to chase your feet so perhaps no young children
Nala is a home direct and although we have enough cats/kittens in care to rehome, we have had a request from a lady who adopted from us who knows that this this cat is in need of a new home. So trying to help. Owners being posted abroad. Nala is 7 yrs old, spayed/chipped and ok with other friendly cats once introduced correctly. Please phone 01522 306195 if you might give this cat a forever home.
No comments please about taking their cat abroad with owners.
Lovely boy, age only young. Now castrated/chipped and had to come out of his pen today as he was too hot and stressed. However obviously thinks he has landed on his paws as now in his fosterers home as you see. Sandy is looking for his own home and unknown with other cats, seems ok with fosterers little dog, who is used to cats anyway. For more information please phone 01522 306195 and to arrange a home visit.
Here we have Stella, now free of her kittens, spayed/chipped and ready for her own home. Only a young girl. Unknown with other cats/dogs or young children, but a friendly girl. For more information please phone 01522 788597/306195

Monty ex feral kitten and now very friendly  About 4-5 months, neutered and chipped
About 5 months old , a friendly girl BLIZZARD would be fine with other cats. Another one from a crowded cat/kitten home who is enjoying getting more personal attention
Found as a pregnant stray, but Klaudia lost her kittens while in the vets. Now spayed and is an extremely lively, friendly, food orientated young cat. Unknown with dogs or other cats, and will need safe outside area when allowed outdoors. She is lovely and “urgently fussy” so if you are looking for a quiet lapcat, she is not for you. 01522 306195 for more information and to arrange a home visit.
It is 2 weeks tomorrow since we took responsibility for this boy. Keesha was found with his front leg missing and needed emergency surgery. He is the most loving fussy, beautiful boy and we are looking for a special home for him. He will not be suited to be indoor only as it is obvious now that he wants to go out, so must be homed where there is either catio or securicat type garden. This will limit a home, but nothing else will suit. Almost a year old, but very small and so very loving. For more information please phone 01522 306195
Such a very friendly girl is Luna. She has to be an only cat, not sure about dogs, but grumbles at other cats. 16 mnths old, spayed and chipped and ready for her own home . 01522 306195 for more information
Tilly needs a special owner who understands her. If you leave her to do her own thing, she is fine, but must be an only cat. Tilly came in straying having had at least 2 litters that we know of. Experienced home for this young lady, but is perfectly fine once you know her. 01522 788597/306195 for more information.
Ziggy has needed surgery to his eyelids(entropion) as his eyelashes were rubbing on his eyes, but now he is looking for his own quiet home. He is initially shy, but loves fuss from his fosterer now. Best as an only cat as unknown with others and dogs. He will be super company for a couple or single person. Please consider these shy cats as they have much to offer given time. For further information please phone 01522 306195
SOX is an older boy looking for a quiet home to spend his days.  He has had a health check and has no underlying problems.  Further details 01522 306195/778597

SULLY is spayed and chipped and loves being outside  but sits on her carer’s knee and likes a stroke


skye 4

Skye is Very lively and playful. ok other cats and affectionate