Missing Cats 5 (2024)

Please help us to find Martha – a small 12 year-old female white and tortie/ tabby missing from Heathcroft / Lady Meers Road , Cherry Willingham since last night …June 8th …she is very timid and will hide quietly , so please check garages ,sheds and even your spare room !
She is chipped & registered to our address – please don’t hesitate to contact us day or night if you see her.
Many Thanks
Anyone seen this cat, Tigger, around st Botolph’s area been Gone since last night not like her to stay out all night
Please find my baby. He has been gone since the morning of the 29th May. He is an indoor cat and is very timid. His name is Draven. I am in the Pinchbeck, Spalding area. He is chipped and neutered but is without a collar. Please can you check any sheds, garages etc please? I just want him home and safe.
Our cat Daryl has been gone for 4 days and we’re starting to get worried, he has a tendency to disappear for a couple of days and brings back lovely treats for us in the middle of the night 🤢but we’ve not seen him at all.
Please check sheds/garages as he likes to be nosey but he is quite a big cat and very skittish unless you have treats and he’ll be very friendly! Wells Drive area of Bracebridge Heath, thankyou!
If anyone sees these two cats please can u let us know. Alpha the grey one has not been seen now for nearly 2 months he is neutered and microchipped
And Gucci the white one hasn’t been seen for nearly 2 weeks, someone is feeding them still and previously to that they would go for weeks on end and u can tell they’re getting fed else where so if u are feeding them or letting them in your home please stop they are much loved family pets and we want them both hone safe
Missing from newland street west carholme road lincoln
My 2 year old boy is missing from Kingsley street off burton road.
He is chipped.
I last saw him a week after we took him to the vet where it was confirmed he has Haws Syndrome for being an active outdoor young cat, and he was fine (just 3rd eyelids on show)
He is my daughters therapy cat, we got him for her the week my mother passed away, and he fills her with so much love.
He’s docile, loves to sleep and hunt, belly rubs.
His back right leg was shaved by a vet, so this may have slightly less fur on it now.
His microchip has my contact number, and I’m still looking for details to update our address as only lived here a year, but I’d still be contactable.
We live behind the chippy, kebab, Indian, and shops.
Usually disappears for a week or two, but this has been about a month now, and I’m growing concerned. LCC4
Lost cat near Hartsholme Park LN6. Her name is Darcy.
Not come home now for 2 days. She hasn’t been out before
If seen please message Laura Baker
Thank you 🙂
Has anyone seen my cat Baby? Birchwood Lincoln. I live on Luton close and he always comes home everyday, but he’s not been back for 4 days. Really worried, he’s lost his collar and he’s very timid so he probably won’t approach you, but if you see him please let me or know. He’s not chipped, or snipped yet. He’s a year old, quite small.
MISSING my beautiful boy teddy
Who is dark grey with beautiful green eyes
With a red collar and bow tie , he’s a very shy cat
Got out of his carrier this morning whilst at collingham vets
Can you please check your gardens xx
if you see him please
Can you let me know 😥
Lost cat yesterday afternoon and was last seen last night near walkers crisps. LCC91
Hi has anyone seen this cat? Hes a house cat and ran outside on Friday AM and hasn’t come back yet, which is unusual as the times he’s escaped he’s come home. I live on the new estate near the farm shop waddington hill. BRUCE ( LCC7)
My lovely puss, has gone missing. She’s probably stuck in someone’s garage or shed. She’s been gone almost two days. Please check your garage or shed before you lock it up. You could have trapped someone’s curious friend. Mount Street LCC6
Hi, we have recently moved to Helsby Road (Newark road end of Brant Road ) from Hawthorn Ave (Station Road end of Brant Road )
My cat, Theo, seemed settled so we let him out and he came back twice. I let him out last night and he hasn’t come back.
He is mostly black with white markings on his face and he has really big white front paws because he has 6 claws. He is wearing a red spotty collar with a red bell. He is microchipped. If you see him or manage to get him please let me know. My number is 07487422518.
Please continue checking sheds and gardens and keep an eye out for her. It’s been so hot the last few days if she’s shut in somewhere she will desperately be needing water 😥
She is St Andrews St (Canwick Road end) area but has been missing for a week now so may have gone more streets away. Please look out for her and check your sheds & gardens – she is very timid and may not just run out so please look behind things. Contact me on here or on 07952240557 or 01522 872960
Please help me to find her – I am so very worried about her. LCC6
Hi has anyone saw my cat called tom he has been missing for a couple of weeks. Please tell me if you have any information about where he might be. Last seen on ewart st.lincoln
Theo has been missing for over a week in the Ruskington Village and I am really worried. He was last spotted a few mornings ago on sleaford road, still in the village. If anyone has seen him please don’t hesitate to inform me, I have been searching for many hours at a time trying to find him with no luck.
UPDATE: it has nearly been 10 days since lucifer has been home! Please please can you look in sheds and under cars just in case he is hiding or trapped. ASTERBY CLOSE/SUDBROOKE DRIVE (ermine east)
Hi has anyone see lucifer?
He’s a 2 year old tabby male. He is not neutered and is not chipped. He is my dads cat and due to personal reason can No longer house him, so I was taking him in. Whilst exchanging him from the properties he has managed to escape from asterby close/sudbrooke drive.
Luci does know the area as we did an exchange back in November. He has been missing for 4 days now with no sign of him. I do not think he will let you approach him.
Our cat Jeff has been missing from Truman Close in Faldingworth since weds 10th April.
He is microchipped, isn’t wearing a collar.
He is black and white with the white on his face and chest/belly mainly.
He is easily spooked but a big softie when he’s comfortable.
Our details are 
Truman close, faldingworth, LN83FG 
Our well loved family cat Smudge has been missing since Friday from Doddington park area
He is microchipped , no collar
His name is tom he disappeared 2 days ago from Aldi Ln5 area. Anyone with any information please contact me.
Missing since yesterday…north hykeham area (nr Asda) please can you check sheds/garages. She is a smokey grey colour and 13yrs old and has never gone missing before. Thank you LCC3.
We’ve lost our old cat Kubar. She’s a little tabby with a very loud miaow. Last seen on Saturday.
If you live in the Burton Road/Waldeck Street area please check your gardens and sheds.
She is skinnier now than in the photo.
LN5 Spencer street
Little has been missing for about 24 hours now. He’s a neutered black cat, reflective collar with a blue and brown bow tie. He’s chipped.
Any information please message me.
So worried and I want him home
Please check your sheds
Missing cat goes by the name of patches or Hitler he is a very friendly loving cat we miss him dearly missing in Branston
**LOST**. Cottingham drive area Ln24ef.
She went missing on Monday 18th afternoon and hasn’t returned since.
Shes called Stripes.
She’s an indoor cat without a collar she is microchipped however it is in the wrong address so if anyone has found her or have any info please contact me on here or txt to 07565714757.
Poppy hasn’t been home since Friday afternoon.. we’re in RAF Scampton, but surrounding villages please keep a look out. It’s very out of character for her as she won’t usually miss a meal, let alone 3 days worth! She could be anywhere by now 😭😭😭 she’ll get in anywhere if a doors open so please check sheds/garages!
Please can you check the gardens and sheds? Her name is Fanta. She’s still a little kitten, about a year old. Sincil Bank area. Lincoln
Our cat seems to have gone wandering, last seen nearly 24 hours ago, which is not like him (he loves his food). He is neutered with an up to date microchip. Will contact our vets tomorrow. Last seen around the Mount Street Park and Newport area. LCC3 BAILEY
My cat lost since Tuesday 12 March he run away.
Usually he come back after 12 hours. Two days he not come back. He’s not chipped.
His name is OREO black and white three years old adult he is friendly and gentle cat.
We live in LN5 area. We try to look around streets every day and night and no luck. Please help if you have any information, all family wait him
my cat has been missing for over about a month now. he’s a black cat with a couple stray white hairs on his chest, one of his ears has a small cut at the top, he’s also neutered and chipped. he has a skin condition so parts of his fur aren’t as thick and he doesn’t like being picked up or wearing a collar because of it. he’ll respond to jimmy (not guaranteed as he doesn’t like strangers). i live on ermine east so if anyone sees him please let me know as we’re all extremely upset and want him home.
Our kitty has not come home, it has been 3 days and this just isn’t like him as he doesn’t leave the garden area and he is never out longer than a couple of hours. I’m hoping someone has seen him, it’s driving me crazy not knowing where he is, if he is cold and hungry, lost or worse.
Hartsholme area, any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
My beautiful fluffy all black cat is missing from the Portland Street area of Lincoln. Please look out for her for me. She’s been gone a week and I’m so worried.
She likes to visit the neighbours and is always hopeful for treats but she never stays away from home for long unless she’s shut in.
She is neutered and microchipped LCC”
Felix is missing from Smith Street, Lincoln. He is chipped & neutered, if you see him please contact LCC
Mia is 6 months old missing since Monday from Uffington Avenue LN6.
Small girl grey and white.
Contact myself if see anything.
(Lost an older cat Misha on same road in October also and still no sign, strange two cats missing from same place?) if anyone knows of stray cats being fed or looked after please check my posts to see if it’s either of these girls, return them home if you have ❤️)
Has anyone seen our cat at all? We live Asda end of Wolsey Way, Glebe Park.
She’s been missing since Sunday lunch time and she never stays out overnight. I’m wondering if she has got stuck in a shed or garage yesterday at some point. If you could check I’d be so grateful.
She is wearing a pink collar with address tag and she’s chipped.
Thank you, her name is Luna
Black Tom cat named Echo missing from the Boultham Park Area. He’s got a severe ear infection so is very wobbly. He doesn’t normally stray far so we are very worried and he hasn’t had his medication.
He’s a very friendly boy and is very missed
Missing cat – Hutson drive Hykeham
He hasn’t been seen in over a week, i am pretty sure someone else is feeding him as he’s gained lots of weight in a short amount of time. Doesn’t matter how often I put collars on him he never comes home with them on. Last one he had was an orange one. He always comes back for food however hasn’t done recently!
He prefers to be outdoors and is usually out most of the day but comes back at night. He has also come back before with flea treatment on (which I already do with the vets) so if anyone is taking him in and doing it you are giving him an extra dosage so please stop. He is a very loving cat but pleads hunger, he is chipped, and has a very loving home. Any sightings of him please can someone contact me. Thank you x LCC11 BUZZ
Missing from the Scopwick/LN4 area. Much loved bengal male. Neutered and microchiped. Very friendly and vocal loves dogs. Bright green collar with a tag. LCC11
This is Josie who is missing, again, from the Heighington area. It’s believed someone is feeding her
We live in Nightingale Crescent area off Fulmar Road.
Our cat Charlie has been missing for three days now which is extremely unlike him. He goes out, but comes back every few hours and stays in overnight. We love him a lot and we’ve had him for 9 years, so we’re obviously concerned about him. He is chipped.
If anyone has seen him, please could you DM me. Even if it was just a sighting, we’d appreciate any information. We’re a family with two small kids and he’s a well loved cat.
Missing- Logan
Our beautiful black and white cat has gone missing from the Jelson Homes in Waddington..
He is our absolute world and love him to pieces.
We would like to encourage everyone to check garages, sheds and outbuildings.
Missing from High Street Heighington
Joey is microchiped and neutered.
Last seen Friday 12th Jan
If you have seen him or he has sneeked into your house /shed please check and let us know.
Temperatures are dropping and we need him home!
Luna is missing from Mill Road in Lincoln. It runs parallel with Burton Road. She is very shy so if you spot her please contact me. Last seen on 24th December. Call or text Meg on 07956781467 or email on megspark@msn.com
Toast went missing on the 26th December. He left his home on Cecil
Street (LN1) at around 6am and never came back. He doesn’t usually stay
outside for long, just roams along walls between the gardens between
Cecil Street and Rasen Lane. He is almost 13 years old, neutered and
microchipped. Doesn’t wear a collar.
Monty has been gone for a few weeks again.
I’m pretty sure someone is keeping him in!
If anyone sees him please inbox me.
Monks road area.
My cat Dolly is missing from Brant Road but we believe she was under/in our electric car so could have travelled down Lincoln High Street to Tesco Canwick Road and St Botolph’s Crescent off the Lower High Street!! She is very timid and will be terrified as she doesn’t normally leave the garden! She is micro chipped and neutered! Could you please all keep an eye out for her! Thank you
Please help me find Lilly.
She is missing (again…) from the West End area (LN1 1QD). Last time we saw her was on the 22nd Dec and we know for sure that someone living on Allison Street takes her in and feed her. We believe they took her away for the holidays and we hope they will take her back soon (unless they’ve decided to give her to their lonely grandma as a Christmas present 😒).If you know anything or see her, please let me know.
Thanks you