Missing Cats 2 (2020/2021)

If you see one of the cats featured here please either phone 01522 306195 or mailto:howsyourcat77@gmail.com


This is my boy, SCAMPERS. He’s only just celebrated his first birthday, and he’s gone missing 😞 since end October, and he usually only pops out a few hours at a time so it’s really out of character.
I live in Cammeringham so if anybody in surrounding areas even so much as spots him please get in touch. I miss him so much x
Hello. I’m missing my cat in the new build area (greetwell fields) just off Carlton centre area. Haven’t got a great picture but it gives you an idea of his colour, Ginger and White. He is chipped and will answer to GEORGE if anyone finds him.
My cat FLOSSY has been missing since last Sunday around LN6 area, very unlike her as she’s extremely shy and has bad anxiety. She’s white long haired with tabby colour
My male cat ELI went missing on Sunday 15th August from Retford. There haven’t been any sightings of him. I posted on all socials media’s in my town and surrounding villages. Posted 400 flyers through doors, and put up posters. We’ve had search parties around the town and in the fields for days and days. Maybe he accidentally climbed in a van and ended up a lot further from home? Please, please, please could you let me know if you see him? He is neutered and microchipped. He is a long haired black cat. With a fluffy neck and tail. The fur on his neck is slightly lighter in colour. In direct sunlight his fur can look slightly brown. We are heartbroken and so desperately want his safe return

£100 if you have her or £50 if you lead to me finding her
Walcott/ Billinghay if you see a smallish tabby please message me, Jasmine Davies or Sarah Wingham
She has three white spots on her
Her chin chest and belly
Black beans and a black nose
She is very timid but does surprise me now and then with new people sometimes she will go straight to them and others she will want nothing to do with so take your time or just ring me as soon as you see anything +44 7979 577517 her name is XAVIER

Missing cat (North Hykeham)
STEVIE is about 4 and has been missing now for 4 weeks. He’s a polydactyl cat (he has thumbs on both front paws). He is a tabby, male unneutered, so possibly may have travelled abit and got lost. No collar (it’s possible he has a chip but the details aren’t in my name 😔 .. I rescued him). Possible sighting in mendip north hykeham about 3 weeks ago. Please if you have seen this handsome guy let me know, we miss him so much and want him home safe 😊

His name is SYLVESTER. He’s 14 years old. He is a very friendly boy, always likes the attention. Usually hangs outside of McColl’s on Oakwood Avenue “Birchwood” but last seen three days ago on Camwood Crescent if anyone has any eyes on him please contact me or take him to birchwood vets. He’s an adventurous cat. So please stop feeding him and encouraging him in.
He’s got a loving home.
JAMES has not been home now for about 38ish hours, He lives on Harland Road (near the uphill ASDA, Wolsey Way
If anyone has seen him…. check if you have a shed, if you could check for James
Please can every one keep an eye out for male short haired black cat with amber eyes long bodied thin and lean he as a bald patch on is back maybe more now as when gets stressed he overgrooms his name is ALFIE he is very timed cat and lives in Pinchbeck there is a reward if any one finds him .thank you
MISSING: Bunkers hill/hawthorn road/carlton estate area.
Our lovely MILO hasn’t been home since early July. This is unlike him 😞
He is microchipped and has a collar with his name and a contact number.
Has anyone seen him?
Missing cat RASCAL
Last seen in Sleaford NG347DX
Only had him a couple weeks and this was his first time being let out since me and my partner brought him. He’s been missing for over a week now and has been known for travelling far distances. If anyone has seen anything please let me know as we’re both very very worried.
Our beautiful cat CHLOE has been missing for a week now, she is only young and it was her first venture out…we are in Branston village on the new Taylor Wimpey estate.
Vets have been notified & chip updated to ‘Lost’ and after a lot of searching still no luck 🤷🏻‍♀️ we are praying she still comes home
Could you keep an eye out for my 7 yo ginger male TEDDY. Amber eyes. We live between Swinderby and Thorpe on the Hill. Neutered and chipped although not updated with new tel but email is same. Very friendly. Worried he could have jumped in a van. Rarely goes far from home.
Our cat TOM has been missing from Bishop Norton since Saturday 27th March. So unlike him. He’s chipped but no collar. He has 3 mainly white paws and one stripey one. We miss him so much. Please keep an eye out and check outbuildings. Thank you
My beautiful boy STAR went out early March and never come home he’s 9 very friendly as you can see in one of the photos has minimal fur loss on his back legs and back end if anyone on the ermine east in or around the Nocton drive area sees him can you please let me know he’s been out before he went missing so he knows where he lives my thinking is hopefully someone is feeding him thinking he’s a stray he’s NOT a stray he has a loving home my kids and myself are very much missing him alot and just want him home. Thank you
SUZE is missing from 22 Jan, she is just 5 months old,she escape from home last night…her sister wanting her back home ❤
She should be around Newark Road, Fairfax Street area of Lincoln


Very friendly Neutered male has been chipped and is wearing a red collar with numbers on
Normally is seen around the Lincoln Uni campus as this is his area but hasn’t been seen in all his usual spots and the vets haven’t had any handed in  has been missing for the last 5 days. If anyone has seen him or knows where he is please get in touch he has a very worried family at home. OREO
Lost Woodhall Spa… My niece was looking after my cat for a few days when she escaped. MOLLY is 8 years old and quite small and usually very friendly. She is chipped.
She’s super friendly but can be a bit nervy so I’m wondering if something has spooked her and she’s hiding somewhere 
We recently moved (about 2 months ago now) she’s been out before but always come back.
We live on ermine west, deansleigh area but she may have gone back to St Giles area 
We are really missing her and just want her home and safe 
She’s called PARKER, she won’t be wearing a collar but she is micro chipped, please if anyone sees her let me know 
BO has been missing since Thursday morning (3/9/20) from Fen Road Billinghay. She is chipped and neutered, about 15 months old. She’s not very big and quite slim.
SIMBA has been missing since 1st September, not like her to be gone this long. Please can anyone keep an eye out fulmar road, birchwood area. If found please message me on here or text me 07730340148. Thank you.
Missing from Larne Road,Lincoln
My Beautiful Girl ELSA Age 5 Missing Since November 2019 From Fernwood Village Newark Nottinghamshire.
Neutered & Microchipped
We Just Want You Home Gorgeous Girl Missed So Much 
 LOKI escaped on Thursday evening 20/8 and is fairly new to the Tower Gardens LN2 area and a very scared cat . I’ve only had him less than two weeks and he’s managed to escape.
He’s micro chipped and has a bright blue and green collar on. 
Our cat SKY (grey fur) has been missing since Thursday early morning. He was last seen in the Brant Road area around Newhaven Drive but hasn’t returned home since being let out that morning. He always comes back without fail and has never disappeared for longer than a day. If anyone around Brant Road happens to have seen him and could get in contact that would be amazing! Thanks!
Our TINKERBELL is missing please help us find her she has been missing 48hrs which isn’t like her she never goes far. We are on the Carlton centre
PICKLES 4yrs old hasn’t been home for 3 days which is out of the ordinary for her! Missing from ermine West (LN1 3RQ)
She is microchipped and spayed ! (Address is still the same but phone number has changed)
Cat missing! Please can people keep a look out for our cat. SHANKLY has been missing for over 24 hours, which is very unlike her. We live down The Park in Potterhanworth. She has never wandered off before and always comes back for her breakfast and tea. Have one very upset 8 year old daughter. Thank you