Missing Cats 4 (2023)

If you see one of the cats featured here please either phone 01522 306195 or mailto:howsyourcat77@gmail.com

This is bouncer he’s 9months old. Micro chipped but not neutered.( he is booked in for it tho.) He managed to get out my house 4weeks ago. Tried every site on fb to see if anyone has found him but nothing. Maybe he’s wandered off further.
He’s very missed
He has a very distinctive mark on his nose and mouth. Missing from Sleaford, Lincolnshire area
Any news plz message me on 07983609161.
Archie has been missing since the 5th of March from Martin. I know this is a long shot but we would be grateful for some news or if anyone see any sign of him. He’s chipped no collar. Naturally skinny, very friendly and used to dogs names Archie. Thanks all.
We’re looking for our gorgeous male Milo. He’s chipped & neutered but no collar. Last seen Wednesday night in Doddington Park area. Thank you for any information anyone could provide.
we’ve not seen our boy Leo now since Tuesday night, a couple of neighbours have seen him Wednesday and that’s the last sighting. Please can you help keep an eye out for him if you’re local. Last seen Oakfield Road, Skellingthorpe. Thank you
this is my cat Mila she’s been missing since Saturday afternoon from the Turner Avenue/Westwick drive area. It’s extremely unlikely for her to have been gone this long as she’s mostly an indoor cat. She’s extremely friendly and is currently wearing a purple collar that is frayed on one side. If anyone has seen her please contact me. This picture was taken a few years ago she’s a bit bigger now.
Hi can everyone keep an eye out for this little one please she’s in the Sincil bank area also she goes by the name lulu she has a pink collar on that has a heart shaped bell if anyone sees her can you contact Adam Simons please any help is appreciated as we are all missing her and wanting her home she’s been missing since last Monday
CASH REWARD💰 to the person who gets Danny back home, I miss him so much, I hate feeling sad about him 😢 (Normanby Grange Area, Scunthorpe) ❤ still missing since 1st Oct 2022
This is handsome Archie. His family moved to Long Leas from Waddington and he managed to escape so could be heading back to old home. Sad to say he’s still complete and unchipped so he could venture very far. Please keep a look out for him as his friend at home is missing him.
brothers cat has got out and has not come back if you see her can u message me please she has a pink collar on with a loveheart bell thanks in advance sincel bank area LCC7
Missing cat , goes by the name of Darwin , and has a yellow collar, last seen Sunday morning , not like him to be gone for this long !
If anyone around bracebridge / Brant road area has any info , would be much appreciated
Thank you
Missing cat Scampton, not seen Simba since Friday morning. He’s chipped and been done so know he’s not out looking for girls but he’s normally in and out of the house all day most he’s ever been gone is 24 hours so really starting to worry now.
Missing Cat: George is a small, male, brown/tan tabby cat and he is 3 years old.  He has been missing since 24/04/2023 and was last seen at home on Iris Crescent in the west end of Lincoln.  He has access to the outside but usually only ventures out for a couple of hours at a time.  His collar has already been found in a neighbours garden so this will be missing but he is microchipped.  He is very timid around new people but very friendly with other cats and can be quite vocal.
Missing – in the birchwood area, we are aware of a black cat with a blue collar that has been taken to the vets. He has not been home for nearly 2 days and has never gone further than the garden. LCC6
MISSING from Bath Road area of Bracebridge Heath. Lulu is a very small and skinny grey and white tabby. Very friendly. Please check sheds and garages for her, she is desperately missed.
Liquorice park area: Fluffy has been missing since early April, moved onto Alexandra terrace recently, maybe hiding out in the garden or shed, any info please call Steve 07846455755

Missing Lincoln Road washingborough. Hasn’t been seen since 25th March. He is chipped and neutered. This is very unlike him to be gone this long. LCC6. SIMBA

Has anybody seen our Cat recently in the Ermine East area, close to park and shops.
Last seen Friday afternoon on Dunston Close.
He has wandered in the past but never usually for more than 24 hours and he never goes too far from the surrounding area.
He answers to the name of WEASLEY.
He had on his Black collar with White Paw Prints and a metal Snowman tag (the one in the photos).
He’s a very friendly family cat and he is being greatly missed and we are now getting worried.
Not neutered or chipped although he is booked in for 2nd week of April for both before anybody wants to have a go.
It’s out of character for him to be gone for so long.
We’ve checked around the local area and asked neighbours, shaken the Dreamies around and all of the other missing cat tips but nothing.
Please can people check sheds, etc and if anybody has any news (good or bad) please let us know.
Hi all, my cat has gone missing in Witham st Hughs. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I figured why not. He’s been gone since Saturday 11th March. He has been gone in the past for maybe 3 days at the most so this is definitely worrying.
He has a very nervous temperament when outside and won’t even go near me, so I’m hoping he’s not snuck into a garage/house/shed. And also some advice for what I should be doing to help find him would be great. He is neutered and chipped.. LCC4
10 days ago a cat ran away from a house in the Sincil Bank area. His name is Boris and he is Russian blue. He is big and tall. No collar and chip. Please check your garden and surroundings. It’s important for us to find him because he’s a cat that never went out. He is scared so if you see him please call the numbers 07478158326 or 07495020770. Please share this post. This is very important for us.
She is microchipped, wearing a collar and tag, and neutered.
Has any one seen this little girl around ermine west area, 9 months old. she hasn’t come home since yesterday which is not like her, she normally doesn’t leave the garden. LCC6.
Reggie’s missing!!
Fluffy all black cat with yellowish eyes!
from shamrock court just off Newark road been gone for two weeks now not like him he is the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet he never wanders off the street worried he’s got himself lost if anyone sees him please let me know I have kids missing him
He is chipped
Shadow managed to get out of our house while I was putting bin out. We moved house just over a week ago to North Hykeham. He’d been in a week which I was keeping him longer than that. His name is shadow, 4 years old, neutered and microchipped. He could be on his way back to Branston. He’s been missing for 3 days. Please help, he is missed by his family
Missing cat…. Calder road/Syston Grove/Helsby Road/Chiltern Road area.
Please keep a look out in gardens/under cars/garages. Catnip is a young, chipped male cat that has never ventured out of the garden before. He is timid and shy so may be hiding somewhere. Thank you.
My beautiful dark tortoise shell cat has been missing from the Roselea Avenue area since the morning of February 9th!! She often wanders down to Ryland Road through the gardens on route. Please check your garages, sheds & gardens. LCC3.
Missing since last night. Went out of the house in the Boultham Park Area. Responds to the name Oreo. Is new to the area so may have got himself lost trying to get home. Is micro chipped. Please do message if anyone has found. Has a distinguishing black mark on his nose.
Has anyone please seen our cat she hasn’t been seen since early Jan she’s normally always about so starting to get worried especially with it being so cold we’re on Washingborough Road Lincoln (LCC3) SMUDGE
Please spread the word! Kit was LOST on January 13, 2023 in Sudbrooke, England near Wragby road
Description: Black and white – white paws and chest
For more info or to contact Kit’s owner, click here: https://www.pawboost.com/p/869891
We moved just before Xmas to around Hebden moor way and our cat has gone missing she has a distinctive half a moustache and has a grey reflective collar on. Registered at rase vets. Please keep an eye out my girl is missing her LCC2.
PERCY is eight years old and is neutered and chipped. He is missing from St Hugh’s Close at Cherry Willingham and was last seen on 9th January. 
This is SCAMPY, he’s a chipped and neutered male and is missing from the Academy end of Station Road,Branston.
Has anyone seen this cat please? His name is LOKI. Been missing since yesterday afternoon, doesn’t miss a meal getting worried now as he’s not come home. Has a black reflective collar on. Fiskerton
Lost cat – Hunt Lea Avenue
Beautiful DAISY has been missing since Monday and she doesn’t usually wander far. She’s a skittish young cat so please can anyone contact me if you see/find her. She’s very much missed. She is microchipped.
This is STEVIE, we rescued him and his brother from Manchester around 6 weeks ago. We let him out nearly 3 weeks ago and he hasn’t come home, he’s 15 and we are unsure if he is microchipped. Meadowbrook Area, in Ruskington but may be further if he’s lost.