Missing Cats 4 (2023)

If you see one of the cats featured here please either phone 01522 306195 or mailto:howsyourcat77@gmail.com

Missing in brant broughton she managed to get out and bolted, small ginger and white female called olivia very friendly and mischievous and is missed by her compainion kitty shown in pictures and are inseparable, i would like to offer a £50 reward if she is found. Thank you
As the majority of you are aware, the beloved Nocton Post Office and Outreach cat, Casper, is missing. Please can you keep an eye out over the next few weeks, in bushes, in the fields, gardens, garages and sheds etc. If you have any sightings of him, please contact myself, Tracey, Martin or Kayleigh with date, timings and location.
I read that if cats are trapped inside somewhere, they may not run out straight away, so please move things around in your shed or garages or leave the door open a bit to coax him out.
He is completely white with a tabby tail, male, neutered and microchipped.
My kitty latte is still missing and I won’t give up ever! She’s the sweetest and the most loving cat ever, I miss her so much she’s been done and has a pink collar with a bell on it it’s been over 2 month now and I just want her home😕 if anyone sees her up st gillies please let me know thank you!
Has anybody seen my cat on browning drive or on st giles anywhere? He hasn’t been back for a couple of days which isn’t like him and I’m getting worried now. He is microchipped and neutered. He is wearing, well was wearing a black collar when he left. I have shouted him looked for him and all sorts but still nothing. His name is Smudge and very friendly
Has anyone seen Georgie he has been missing for about 9 days now… Dixon street/high street area .. he usually comes and goes but this is the longest he’s ever been away
My cats been missing for 7 days now. He’s called Rooney….. he’s scared of absolutely everything. He never usually goes any further than the back garden. He is 14 years old and we miss him. I’m on Birchwood, just off Jasmin road.
Has anyone seen our Cisco ? He’s been missing around the amble close area for a few days . If anyone knows where he is and if he’s okay … also if our neighbours could share this post and into groups it would be appreciated .
I don’t suppose anyone has seen my bluebell please? 💙 she usually takes a wander for a day or so, but hasn’t been seen since Friday and with all the fireworks we’ve had, I’m slightly concerned 😞. We live on st Margaret gardens, just off hykeham road but I know she takes herself off over the road to manor leas school and those houses around there. She will think she lives with you if you feed her, but if someone is feeding her, please stop so she can come home. Thank you
Missing from North Hykeham since 28th October. Female spayed chipped 1 year old all black slight brown tinge in places. slightly bigger now then photos. Very friendly has been known to jump in cars so could be anywhere. She was born in my house and never been gone for more then a few hours before. LCC11 BELLA
Orbit/Bootikins, female, black and white, 2 1/2 years old. 
A white smudge on her top lip. A single white whisker above her left eye. Yes she is chipped, should come up with “Orbit”. Contact details may be out of date due to recent adoption.
Wearing a pink leather like collar with rhinestones. Pink paw print ID tag with name “Bootikins” and phone number on reverse. 
Natasha, Frederick Street Lincoln. 07895710787. 
 Last seen Frederick street just off monks road 2am Friday 3rd of November 2023 indoors.
Maisie is still missing and not be seen since Saturday.
Please if anyone has seen her please can you let me know.
This is so unlike her she is such a home cat and likes her home comforts .
I just need to know where she is . She lives in Station Road, North Hykeham
Thank you
Lost cat Monks Road area.
We have lost our Stripes, it’s not like her to wander far so we’re worried. She didn’t come for her dinner last thing Sunday night, not like her because she LOVES her food! She is chipped and neutered, she’s only 18 months old. She looks quite black but actually has brown stripes on her back and a distinctive patch of ginger stripe over her eye and on her back leg, she also has a white chin. Please keep your eye out for her, we have 3 very sad children waiting for her to come home!
Hello My cat Mango has not returned home since Saturday which is unlike him, if you see him please get in contact with me we are missing our little family member. He has a blue collar on, mango has a ginger spot on the back leg and a little ginger spot on his nose. Around LN2 area please keep a look out.
Our cat, Tiger, has still not returned home after nearly a month now. All local vets etc have been made aware but he is prone to water infections and has to have special food/paste when this happens and we are getting increasingly worried now as well as my son being heartbroken over his best friend not being here. Can everyone please check their sheds/garages/other areas he may have hidden. He doesn’t have a collar on but he is chipped. I am hoping he has just found someone who thinks he is abandoned but he is very much loved and missed. Thank you!
*We live in Saxilby, just off Field Avenue*
Has anyone seen this cat, OZZIE, in washingborough. He is neutered and chipped, no collar. Been missing over a week. The kids miss him dearly
Our boy Joey has been missing for 4 days now. Please can everyone share this if you are in the Birchwood area or know anyone in the area. He’s microchipped and has an orange collar on (which he may not have anymore)
This is Bobbles, she lives at hartsholme drive, she’s friendly but a little hesitant at first, she’s been gone for 5 days now and has two very worried parents! If anyone sees her please drop me a message
Missing from Uffington Avenue LN6 Recently moved in so not sure she has bearings on where she is, maybe trying to find old house.
Misha is around 12 years old, no collar and been mainly indoor cat but has been going out for past couple months for short periods. Can be Very jumpy too.
Think she may be in these woods? Or close by hopefully.
Penny is a year old and has gone missing on St Peter’s Avenue, Boultham if anyone has seen her please can you contact me. She is microchipped many thanks.
Missing cat from the Friars Lane/Monks road area, he’s an older indoor cat who will be scared but is friendly and responds to Ollie/ Oliver. Went missing last night. Please contact if found or if possible hand in to Lincs Vet. Thank you!
Hi my cat TOMMY went missing yesterday 26/9 from thesiger street /st Andrews street NR Sincil bank he is neutered and chipped one years old black with a tiny shade of chocolate at the end of his tail and big eyes he is quite a slender cat , can be quite friendly but a can be a bit rude when in a mood very vocal My contact details are Tracy and my phone number is 07539691137 
 Reggie has been missing for 6days .He’s black with a small tuft of white hair on his chest .Was last seen going over our shed.
 Our address heathfield avenue 
                        Branston ln4 1uf
My phone number 07402 845724
He is micro chipped we have informed the vet and micro chip company also the rspca and put it on social media .
Lost female cat, nearly a week. Name is cheeto. Grandkids missing her. Please keep an eye out in Cherry Willingham.
My cat, Leo, went missing from Navenby on Wednesday 6th September. He is 15 years old, completely black, small nick in his right ear, neutered and chipped. He is quite a large cat (5kg) but not fat. Getting very worried as he has an overactive thyroid and is on medication. Could you please keep an eye out for him. Thank you.
Hello our cat got lost from monks road on September 3rd, came out of the house and did not come back. He is a boy neutered at 2 years old with a blue kite. 07459380893 LN25BN Claremont street  LCC9

This is Mollie the photo was taken a few months ago so she is a bit bigger now. She has been missing since Friday night 15th September about 10pm from 16 Village Farm, Bassingham. Mollie is fifteen months old spayed and microchipped and very much a home loving cat. Please could you help me find her? A friend has put her on the local Facebook page and I have given the village post office a poster which they have put up. I have been round to the surrounding houses and put her details, in their letter boxes. I think most likely she has got shut in somewhere as she always comes when I call her and we don’t live on a road. It’s very safe for cats where I live just surrounded by gardens.
Lost from Fen Road, Billinghay.
Charlotte our Bengal went missing Thursday morning 14/9/23 and has not come home yet. She is microchipped and neutered.
Has anyone seen jess? She’s black and white with a pink collar with her name and my phone number and address on it. Missing from city school area. LN6 7FA. We haven’t seen her since the evening on the 12th and she always comes for food.
Spayed & microchipped
has anyone seen this cat please? she managed to get out of our window, Carlton Centre area. Last seen Saturday Sept 9 LCC12 JEMIMA
£200 reward. Please help us find our cat, he has been missing since Tue last week from Ancaster NG32. Large tabby wearing a red collar with cat flap magnet, very unlike him to not come home. Friendly but may be wary of strangers. Neutered and Chipped. Please make him too hot to handle if he’s been taken. He’s our baby who is very much loved and missed. LCC9 / ALFRED
CLOVER is chipped and neutered
My cat Paso has been missing from Thorpe on the hill for almost 2 weeks now. She’s chipped and neutered but doesn’t have a collar on. She’s very petit, fluffy and timid, she won’t come up to anyone for a fuss or food. Her usual stomping grounds are the fields around Thorpe on the Hill, she’s even taken herself to burger King in the past. We’ve been walking around the village, in the fields but still nothing.
our little Tom kitten went out last night and hasn’t come back he isn’t chipped yet as he shouldn’t be out 😢 his name is Junior named after our late Tom who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 17 😢 my 5 year old little girl is besides herself so please do check your sheds for us many thanks
Ermine East area
Our cat has been missing nearly 4 weeks now and has not been home since. She is all black and had a Purple collar on. This is extremely out of character and we are worried sick and heart broken. We have contacted local charities and the vets but she has not turned up. Please check your sheds/ back gardens. Any information or sightings please contact us on 07825 688338. Thankyou. LCC1
Our cat Chompsky has been missing in the West End for a few days now.
He doesn’t have a collar as usually just stays in the house or garden. He’s very shy, so is probably hiding somewhere.
Missing since Saturday evening female tuxedo very much loved and most unusual for her to go missing from Sudbrooke. LCC8 / BLACK CAT
Missing Patsy never came home (Hartsholme) She is chipped and very friendly thank you xx
Please has anyone seen my beautiful Luna, she is a house cat as she is blind in one eye and can see only shadows out of her left eye, she got out on Saturday morning 19/08/23 and has seemed to of vanished into thin air, please people could you check your gardens and sheds, I do have a reward, I am heartbroken right now. Last Thursday my mother cat of kittens was run over on the road near academy and killed outright. So as you can imagine I am beside myself.
She vanished from my garden in Reid court off archer road Branston, she may of gone on the building site I really don’t know what’s happened!
If anyone has any sightings of her even bad news I just need to find her it’s not knowing that’s cracking me up thank you kindly, DM me with any news
Lost on ermine for 3 days Mario fully black male cat with a tiny bit of white on chest and a bit of brown on tail, reward there if anyone can find him, really worried, thanks
We’ve recently taken Cody on and he has gotten out of the window which we thought was only open enough to cool the room down… 😭 he would have also fallen a long way so could be injured.
He is nearly 3 and doesn’t know the area (Newark near McDonald’s).
If you can share and let me know if you see him.
Many thanks!
Lily is all black with a tiny white patch on her bib shes wearing a black flea collar she’s very very timid and only lets me fuss her which she loves she’s very affectionate to me she was approximately 18 months old when adopted could some one call me if her chip is read and your contacted I’m lost without her. Enclosed is a photo of my Lily shes never stayed out this long from her home in Adelaide Close, Gainsborough. 07514508884.
My boy Rufio hasn’t been home in Collingwood North Hykeham since Monday. He’s not good with strangers. His sisters are missing him. He is chipped and neutered. If you see him please let me know.
Our cat Lucky hasn’t come home since Monday. We live in Greetwell, Monks road area. So if anyone sees him, please let us know ASAP. He is microchipped.
Our cat Niko hasn’t been seen for nearly a week. We’re on Sleaford Rd,Metheringham we have checked the road sides and the fields as much as we can but can’t find her. She is microchipped. If anyone sees her could you please let me know. Thanks.
Our beautiful Freddie has gone missing. Please keep an eye out around the Dogdyke/ Hawthorn Hill area of Coningsby.
He’s 11 years old but quite small and answers to Fred or Freddie.
It’s very unlike him to go off wandering so we don’t think he will have gone very far. Please check sheds/garages around this area.
Please share and help us find him.
I live in the Ermine East Area LN22EB my cat Bo has been missing since Tuesday night 1st August. He is castrated, he doesn’t have a chip or collar. It is unlike him to be missing for this long. I have attached some pictures of him.
MISSING! Has anyone seen my cat Bobbie last seen 11th July Drake street area/ West end he’s been chipped and spayed he has a red collar on getting worried now
Hi! Has any one seen our cat, Archie!?! We haven’t seen him for a while and getting a little concerned 😟 please can you check garages/sheds in case he’s trapped somewhere! It’s really not like him!
*Missing from Richmond Drive, North Hykeham

Newark Road/Gatehouse area, please keep an eye out for my boy. He’s not very big but very fluffy. I haven’t seen him since Friday. Thank you.( LCC1) MR CAT
My beautiful cat Lumi went missing a few days ago in the LN2 Ermine East area. We moved to the area are few weeks ago so she is not very familiar with the zone and is probably very scared. If anyone see her or thing they may have saw her please, please let us know. We are desperate to find her. Thank you so much.
Bruce has not been seen for a week now Hebden Moor Way area, NH. He was adopted from us and kept indoors for the required time, but disappeared over the fence when allowed out. Please keep a look out for him. He is neutered/chipped.
our cat Tigger hasn’t been home for a couple of days now. She had surgery recently and are worried she has gotten lost or stuck somewhere. We’re from washingborough area. If anyone sees her please contact on 07825445214
Thank you.
Muffin.She is missing for 2 days,Cromwell Street area and around maybe…She is a domestic cat,have a microchip but she’s not a friendly cat, so may not agree to be taken into hands.If anybody spot her please contact us…share if you can.This picture is old,she’s now 3 years but that face is so characteristic. Thank you all in advance.
Missing hartsolme area near city school
His name is benjii
Loves a fuss and food
Doesn’t normally go out for long but been gone for nearly a day now
Piper hasn’t come home this morning which is very unusual … he is quite small, chipped and neutered.. Hill Top Waddington/Somerton gate lane area, he has a kink in his right ear
Missing LN1 Ermine West
My beautiful much loved boy Shadow hasn’t returned home for 6 days now. This is extremely unusual. Please help me find him. Any information gratefully received.
All Black Castrated Male. No collar
My little sassy is missing newark road area please keep an eye out for her I believe someone is feeding her/keeping her in side she is an over friendly cat and will go to anyone my family are heart broken we’ve had her two years she is chipped to me!
Please keep an eye out and if the person who has her sees this then please just let her come home
I haven’t seen my cat Crowley in 2 days which isn’t like him. If anyone sees him around Birchwood, Woodfield Avenue. Let me know
CAT MISSING BIRCHWOOD. Our male (neutered) cat Dusty 3 years old has gone missing on 29th June. Fully black cat, no collar, but chipped. Left 61 Sunfield Cres, Lincoln, LN6 0LL.
He’s very scared of other people.
If found please contact rakauskas153@gmail.com or 07394742829 or Facebook
Much appreciated
This is savannah she was on a trial run for rehoming and has managed to escape, she was doing really well at her new home but hadn’t been there long and has managed to get out, she has been missing since Sunday around midday she will not no where she is and will be lost so can people please check their gardens, sheds and places a cat can get or sneak into please as she has even been know to get into people vehicles before. She is of medium build, spotted body and belly, small split in one ear and a kink at the end of her tail if anyone has any info of any kind please please get in contact with me can every share far and wide please especially around saxilby and surrounding areas it will be greatly appreciated she has two families very worried about her. Thanks for reading
BEAN has been missing from the Stapleford area.
Our cat Reggie has not been seen for a few days. He is very adventurous and usually very grubby from all his exploring. Please keep a look out and let me know if you see him. He does not wear a collar but is super friendly with a loud meow.
Missing from Bath Road/Wells Drive/Carlisle Way Bracebridge Heath area.
This is CHARLIE and he’s escaped from his temporary home at Tiber Road, North Hykeham. It’s not far from his usual home so could everyone please keep an eye out for him and check your outbuildings as he might have taken shelter in them
Missing cat LN2 4GY Sanderson road Taylor Lindsey estate Nettleham fields / glebe park area. Male castrated & chipped FRANK
Please can people on Ermine East (Blankney crescent area and houses behind) look out for my princess, she ran off yesterday afternoon after something frightened her and has not been home since, she is predominantly an indoor cat she rarely leaves the house. I’m worried about her being out in this heat! She is spayed and microchipped. She is wearing a pink spotted collar that has a little bow on it. Thank you
my baby has done a disappearing act , please please message me if you see him, hes soon to be neutered so i really do need him home he’s probably trying to make the most of his manhood while it’s still there lol . north hykeham, hutson drive area x ( his name is BABY )
We haven’t seen MOONIE since Saturday afternoon about 3 30pm and are very  worried.  She was sunbathing in the house and then came out and joined us outdoors and wandered into the garden.   We’ve shared it on local groups and been out hunting with neighbours
Male cat been missing since Monday. He is chipped and has been neutered, has a black collar with a bell on it he’s missing from birch wood LCC4.
If anyone sees this little lady around the Burton road area can you please let me know. She’s not yet chipped and has got out 😭 and hasn’t been home for 3 days. She is very much loved and missed. Her name is kiki
This is bouncer he’s 9months old. Micro chipped but not neutered.( he is booked in for it tho.) He managed to get out my house 4weeks ago. Tried every site on fb to see if anyone has found him but nothing. Maybe he’s wandered off further.
He’s very missed
He has a very distinctive mark on his nose and mouth. Missing from Sleaford, Lincolnshire area
Any news plz message me on 07983609161.
Archie has been missing since the 5th of March from Martin. I know this is a long shot but we would be grateful for some news or if anyone see any sign of him. He’s chipped no collar. Naturally skinny, very friendly and used to dogs names Archie. Thanks all.
We’re looking for our gorgeous male Milo. He’s chipped & neutered but no collar. Last seen Wednesday night in Doddington Park area. Thank you for any information anyone could provide.
we’ve not seen our boy Leo now since Tuesday night, a couple of neighbours have seen him Wednesday and that’s the last sighting. Please can you help keep an eye out for him if you’re local. Last seen Oakfield Road, Skellingthorpe. Thank you
CASH REWARD💰 to the person who gets Danny back home, I miss him so much, I hate feeling sad about him 😢 (Normanby Grange Area, Scunthorpe) ❤ still missing since 1st Oct 2022
This is handsome Archie. His family moved to Long Leas from Waddington and he managed to escape so could be heading back to old home. Sad to say he’s still complete and unchipped so he could venture very far. Please keep a look out for him as his friend at home is missing him.
brothers cat has got out and has not come back if you see her can u message me please she has a pink collar on with a loveheart bell thanks in advance sincel bank area LCC7
Missing cat Scampton, not seen Simba since Friday morning. He’s chipped and been done so know he’s not out looking for girls but he’s normally in and out of the house all day most he’s ever been gone is 24 hours so really starting to worry now.
Missing Cat: George is a small, male, brown/tan tabby cat and he is 3 years old.  He has been missing since 24/04/2023 and was last seen at home on Iris Crescent in the west end of Lincoln.  He has access to the outside but usually only ventures out for a couple of hours at a time.  His collar has already been found in a neighbours garden so this will be missing but he is microchipped.  He is very timid around new people but very friendly with other cats and can be quite vocal
MISSING from Bath Road area of Bracebridge Heath. Lulu is a very small and skinny grey and white tabby. Very friendly. Please check sheds and garages for her, she is desperately missed.

Missing Lincoln Road washingborough. Hasn’t been seen since 25th March. He is chipped and neutered. This is very unlike him to be gone this long. LCC6. SIMBA

Hi all, my cat has gone missing in Witham st Hughs. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I figured why not. He’s been gone since Saturday 11th March. He has been gone in the past for maybe 3 days at the most so this is definitely worrying.
He has a very nervous temperament when outside and won’t even go near me, so I’m hoping he’s not snuck into a garage/house/shed. And also some advice for what I should be doing to help find him would be great. He is neutered and chipped.. LCC4 WALTER
Reggie’s missing!!
Fluffy all black cat with yellowish eyes!
from shamrock court just off Newark road been gone for two weeks now not like him he is the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet he never wanders off the street worried he’s got himself lost if anyone sees him please let me know I have kids missing him
He is chipped
Has anyone please seen our cat she hasn’t been seen since early Jan she’s normally always about so starting to get worried especially with it being so cold we’re on Washingborough Road Lincoln (LCC3) SMUDGE
PERCY is eight years old and is neutered and chipped. He is missing from St Hugh’s Close at Cherry Willingham and was last seen on 9th January. 
Has anyone seen this cat please? His name is LOKI. Been missing since yesterday afternoon, doesn’t miss a meal getting worried now as he’s not come home. Has a black reflective collar on. Fiskerton
It’s been 14 months and I will keep asking until I find out where she went.
This is Rosie who went missing from Station Road in Hykeham a month after we moved from Camwood Crescent on Birchwood. She was 13 when she went missing in the second heatwave last year. She is/was chipped. We put bedding and litter trays out to help her sniff her way home but she just seemingly disappeared. I rang vets, council etc with no luck. Both Birchwood and Hykeham have been searched. There was a couple of possible sightings that didn’t turn into much. Only posting in case she’s some how still in the area and someone may have seen her or taken her in.