Settled in 3

Dear Brian,
Many thanks for your letter requesting an update on Alfie’s progress to date.
He has brought me so much joy and has settled with his “brother” Colin the dog, extremely well. In fact I know we would both be lost without him, as during his recent castration on 13th Jan 2023, poor Colin was very glum all day!
When Alfie returned, Colin was a different dog again….although I made sure Alfie had a quiet safe place to sleep off his anaesthetic without being licked to death!!
He also had his microchip added whilst at the vet .
This has been registered and confirmed. I have also decided to insure him with PetPlan after his free 6 weeks expires!
All of this was carried out by Sleaford Vets and they provide a very comprehensive kitten package to ensure all needs are covered.
I am so grateful to Dr Jackie Bowman my friend and vet, for introducing me to Alfie via your wonderful cat charity. I sadly lost my previous boy after 20 years… a beautiful ginger cat who left a huge hole in my life. Alfie has filled it beautifully!
Many thanks and especially for the work you continue to do.
Kind Regards,