Settled in 3

Dear Brian

Thank you for your letter asking how Teddy is getting on in her new home. Fabulously, I think is the answer! 
My old cat was just short of her twenty-second birthday when I lost her and after having had her so long I was uncertain how I’d get on with a new cat, or even whether I’d have another cat at all. Eventually I took the decision to go for it and rehoming was my first choice. After all, my previous two cats were both ‘second hand’ and they turned out very well indeed.  When Julie visited and said Cat Care had an indoor cat she thought would suit me I was only too happy to take Teddy on as I wouldn’t need to worry about her getting on the road or getting lost.
Teddy settled in almost immediately. She knew her name so I didn’t rename her.  She was initially a little bit shy about eating and using the litter and waited until I’d gone to bed but that soon wore off. Teddy is a very gentle cat and has a lovely nature. When I have visitors she expects fuss and adoration from her new fans, which she always gets. It’s nice for me to have a younger cat around who plays with toys and asks for her twice daily treats. (My old cat did neither, playing was a total waste of her energy and treats the spawn of the devil!) Occasionally Teddy will spot a fly and career about after it with no regard to anything standing in her way. The only thing she’s actually broken is a pottery cow she sat down on but that was glued together anyway so just needs re-sticking! 
I hope Teddy’s previous owner reads this and is reassured that she’s landed on her paws.  I’ll always care for her and, even after a relatively short time together, I can’t imagine life without her. Cats are like that.