Settled In

Hi Brian, 
Mateo now called Nico is doing brilliantly, he’s a huge asset to our house, he’s a monkey loves to play (no joke his favourite game is fetch so we spend ages throwing balls of paper for him to fetch bring back and drop on our knees to play again my husband has even taught him to sit before he re throws his ball) He is growing and has no problems with food or drink, we haven’t been brave enough to let him out on his own yet but he’s been out in the garden with us, he has free run of the house and lots of toys to play with, he’s nosey and gets up to all sorts of mischief and has the loudest purr you can imagine. We feel totally honoured to have such an amazing cat, thank you!
I have been in touch with Gwen his carer to let her know how he is doing. 
Georgie & Lee