Settled In

Hello LIncoln cat care
Hope this email finds you well.
Please find attached pictures of Willow, whom we adopted in October of last year. She has settled in with us extremely well and has such a sassy personality. She like to think she runs the house and makes all the decisions and has been a perfect addition to our little family. I have also attached pictures of Beau who we adopted in November of 2015 from an older couple in Nocton? I believe her name was June? He to is very happy and settled in our home as a proper mummies boy (despite us being told his nature wasn’t that of a lap cat) He never strays too far and has such a docile and loving personality, as well as still being quite nervous around new people.

We encountered a few issues with Willow when she was speyed in December of last year as she was met with a few complications from a classical abdominal Spey that meant she had ongoing care and multiple medications for around 4-5 weeks and resulted in an emergency stay at the vets, but hasn’t been left with any lasting issues and is now thriving. Just waiting for the calmer weather and we will allow her to go outside with supervision but she currently remains an indoor cat along with Beau who rarely goes outdoors and only with supervision but that’s more to do with his Anxiety and mine too 😳😳. Beau has a few recurrent health issues such as cystitis (caused by his Anxiety) and has recently had a heart murmur detected which we have decided not have investigated on account of his anxiety and he’s living a perfectly happy life regardless.

Kind regards
Kayley, Josh, Beau and Willow