settled in

Dear Brian,

We recently received your kind letter enquiring how our cats, Sammie & Minnie, are settling in.

They are both wonderful cats who have settled very well. Sammie sadly does have a long term issue with her teeth and is receiving appropriate treatment. Minnie is the feisty one who loves scampering about with her toys and scaring the life out of us when she hurtles down the stairs chasing her mum, and Sammie is the most patient cat who loves a good fuss which results in instant purring. They have found multiple favourite places to sleep – as you can see Minnie has taken a fancy to my toddlers chair, and curls up in it every night. Sammie has a blanket cushion on the landing, as she likes to sleep near us.

Thank you for providing us with two lovely (and upon occasion, rather silly) cats whom are very much settled and loved.

Yours sincerely,

Jen & Bob