Settled In

Many thanks for your letter. We adopted Belle, now called Camille and she is a wonderful addition to our family. She has settled in perfectly! Thank you very much for trusting us to look after her. 
Her best friend Is Holly, our dog, who she regularly curls up with. Holly licks her ears and Camille purrs her head off. She is also good friends with Felice, our big cat who she plays funny games with. We called her Camille because we like the film ‘ballerina’ where two strong willed ballerinas, Felice and Camille, battle against each other and eventually become good friends. Camille and Felice in real life hit it off straight away though. Camille has a HUGE appetite and we think she is going to be a big cat. She loves outdoors but is pretty lazy and doesn’t ever venture further than the garden but enjoys a little potter about, chasing leaves and climbing the walls. She probably loves indoors even more as she loves dozing on the beds. If there’s something soft or fluffy around you can guarantee Camille will be there pawing it and snoozing. Strangely enough, Camille has a strange obsession with the bathroom and will always sit on the end of the bath whenever we have a bath. She is super sociable and if she’s awake, she always wants to be in on the action following us about wherever we are. As soon as we call her, she’s at your feet meowing and chattering to you. She is very noisy; always purring or meowing like a chattery meow. We often say she is more like a dog because she lays asleep on her back and likes her tummy stroked, she is so affectionate and a greedy little thing. 
Camille has been micro chipped. 
Once again, thank you for allowing us to adopt Camille, we love her massively and she is a very happy kitty. 
Please find attached some pictures.
Hope all is well at your end
Kindest Regards
Laura and Peyton