settled in

Dear Brian

What a lovely surprise to receive your letter.

Our two kittens (formerly Little Jim and Timmy) are both very well and loved madly! They have made friends with our other two cats – their big brothers.
They have both been for all their vaccinations, microchipping and neutering. The vet discovered that the tabby baby was actually a girl!! We were delighted with this news as she’s our first girl. Our two older cats, Slinky and Toby, are both boys.

Storm has had a few walks around our 1 acre garden, on his lead! Thunder will be going for a little walk too when she decides to cooperate with the harness and lead. They are both desperate to play in the garden with Toby and Slinky, and look longingly through the patio doors. Once we are confident that they know their way around, and when the spring arrives, hopefully they will be able to go out on their own.

We are all looking forward to their first Christmas and presents.
They will be sending a card to Gwen, along with a photo and a little something for all the cats and kittens still waiting for their forever homes.

Merry Christmas to all at Lincoln Cat Care,

Victoria, Matt, Thomas and James (and Thunder, Storm, Toby and Slinky too)