settled in

Hi Brian,

Teddy and Tabitha are doing brilliantly in their new home.

Teddy(grey boy) loves cuddles and has worked out where the treats are kept and that the more people he asks the more treats he gets. He targets us individually so we all get fooled by him!

Tabitha is a bit more shy but is very affectionate and loving. She will patiently groom Teddy while he basks in the attention…. never returning the favour. She is a real outdoor girl and spends hours in the garden and is remarkably brave at seeing off the squirrels and pheasants!

We love both of them dearly and they are helping to ease the sadness of losing Dexter and Freddy (two extraordinary rescue cats ) who both died last summer.

They have had their jabs and been spayed and chipped.

Thank you for letting us have our beautiful kittens and Keep up the good work.

Best wishes

The Grimshaw family

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