Settled In

Good afternoon!
I am emailing to give you an update on Magic.
I got her a short while back and I have named her Maggie. (I think she was called Maggie before it was Magic)
I have had no issues with Maggie however I think there is a little problem with her eyesight where she runs into things. I took her to the vets and they couldn’t see any eye sight issues but I am just keeping a tab on her eyesight. 
I live in an apartment so she is an indoor cat, I have balcony doors that stay open most of the time (when its not cold) and she loves sitting outside and looking out into 
 Maggie is very cuddly and loves attention, she is nervous around new people but within an hour she is fine and up on the sofa sitting on their lap! 
She loves her food and knows what time is breakfast time and what time is Teatime as she lets me know! I have a wakeup call from her every morning at about 8am.
I am so happy I rescued Maggie as she is now my best friend. 
I have attached photos so you can see how she is doing. 
Thank you,