settled in

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your letter, Tabitha has been with us for nearly four months now and she has settled in almost immediately. She spends most of her days sleeping on our dining table in her fluffy bed, then when it comes to bed time, she generally comes upstairs and sleeps on the bed with us. She is a loving and affectionate cat. But also very playful! She still does her head wobble when she is ready to play and is happy to play with anyone we have over as well, now she has become less shy! We encountered a few issues related to her being sick initially, we had tried her on various other dry and wet cat food to see how she would get on and found that this was he cause. We have soon found that Purina Sensitive is the only way forward. We are going to try her on cooked chicken and rice to bring more variety to her diet, as we have been advised this is a good for a cat with a sensitive stomach. Tabitha’s ears have also healed, we will be keeping a close eye on them, but she has completely stopped her scratching – so all round a much happier healthier cat! She hasn’t wandered very far yet from our house! She hasn’t even felt brave enough to go to the bottom of the garden either yet. If we are sat outside with her she gets a lot braver and will often relax more and sun bathe too! The door is mostly open if the sun is shining, so her confidence will only grow we hope! Please see below recent photos of her doing what she does best (snoozing!)

Reg. Charity 1114359