Settled In

It has been a few months since Bonnie and Clyde (formally Kitkat & Squeek), came to their forever home.
They have settled in really well and are a constant source of enjoyment and wonderment as they grow in to fully grown cats.
Bonnie is so loving and needy in the ‘on your lap’ cuddles, she is the more food driven individual, compared to Clyde. She has the innate ability to move to higher ground, very easily. Be it the top of a cupboard/furniture/fence, etc. She has a set of small pom pom type balls which she chases/carries around and generally mauls.
Clyde is a lot more independent, he has absolutely refused to sit on either mine or my wive’s laps, but will sit up close to us when on the sofa. He will though, on return from the outside spend a good few minutes chirping and short meowing, whilst weaving in and out of our legs. He is still very enamoured with Bonnie and worry meows when he can’t find her or she is out and he comes in. Bonnie couldn’t care less where Clyde is.  Clyde has grown quite a bit and has developed a couple of very small touches of white fur to mess up the pure black.
Their re-naming process has been finalised both through their microchip registrations and Vets, etc. They are registered at our address, so that is good, too. 
I have attached a few photos, so I hope this helps. They start from Sep 19 through to the present.
Archie and Ayesha