settled in


Dear Brian,

Thank you for your letter asking about Minnie and Clementine. I’m pleased to say that they have both settled really well and are the best of friends, despite coming from different litters. They have fitted in well with our other cats and are definitely part of the family. Both girls have been microchipped and spayed and are happy confident characters.

Minnie ( the black kitten) is incredibly loving and has a purr as loud as a lawn mower. She is curious about everything, especially any plates on the worktop that may look as if they need an extra clean, and loves to lie on her back and have her tummy rubbed. Clementine (sometimes known as Clemmie, sometimes as Tiny!) was much more nervous to start with, but is now unrecognisable as one of the terrified litter of kittens picked up at the side of the A1. One of her favourite pastimes is shredding toilet rolls and she is very playful and energetic. The first time she purred was a very special moment, and she regularly climbs onto our laps for a fuss.

I will attempt to attach some photos.

Kind regards