Settled In

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your email. I’ve enclosed several pictures of ‘Lady Nellie-Vanellie of Angora.’ As you can see, she is such a delightful cat, that I have given her a title!

Lady Nellie-Vanellie has been a pure delight since she came to us on Palm Sunday. She is so affectionate, gentle, and good-natured. She is also very good around our young grandchildren.

She loves being brushed and fussed over and when I tap the chair and say ‘brush’ she jumps up willingly. Her tail is so beautiful and I often say if there was a competition for the best ‘tail’ she would certainly win first prize!

Having had many cats over the years, I would say she is the most affectionate of all! She follows us around and jumps up on the settee or bed to be with us. She loves to keep us company!

As far as food is concerned, she seems to do better on dried food  — ‘Royal Canin’ Sensible. She does like ‘Felix Gravy Lover’ however we had to discontinue it, as it gave her diarrhoea! 

Although she has a big garden to explore, she lately comes indoors and makes her poo just alongside the litter tray on the tile floor.  We are hoping that in time she will learn to use the garden!

We are so happy we have adopted Lady Nellie-Vanellie of Angora . . . The Cat . . . formerly known as Vanilla!

Kind regards,

😻Dolores & John