Settled In

I recently received a letter from Lincoln Cat Care asking for an update on Terri, the cat who adopted last year. 
I am pleased to inform you that Terri, who is now called Panda, has settled in very well and is now a lively, mischievous and adorable cat. She is very affectionate and sleeps on my bed next to me every night, she can often be found curled up on my lap during the day or sprawled out in from on the fire.
She is very lively and quite naughty. I have had to climb the apple tree in our garden several times now to recue her after she has climbed too high and not been able to work out how to get back. The second day we had her she tried to climb up an old chimney in our house much to my distress (its blocked off now!). She regularly tries to get into the fridge, climbs on the kitchen surfaces and falls down the back of the sofa or climbs the curtains. She is so inquisitive and curious, we are constantly laughing at her silly antics. She does not give a damn if I tell her off for this behaviour, but she is just so gorgeous I cant even bring myself to tell her off most of the time. 
She gets on pretty well with my other cat now. At first the other cat wasn’t keen on her and made it clear she didn’t approve of the new addition to the family, through hissing, spitting, shouting and sulking. Fortunately, Panda, who seems to be a very resilient cat, didn’t seem to give a damn about the other cats stroppy behaviour and carried on as normal without retaliation. Now the other cat has realised she isn’t as bad as she first thought, and will happily sit with Panda and share a bowl of food with her. However, she draws the line at being affectionate to her and hated it when Panda tries to follow her around outside. It seems she doesn’t want to be seen with her in public!
Panda really is a delight. I am so glad we got her, she has brought a lot of love and entertainment (and some chaos) to our lives. We are very grateful to Lincoln Cat Care and her fosterers for looking after Panda before we got her. They have obviously done an excellent job. 
I have attached some picture to this email so you can all see how beautiful she really is.