Settled In

Good afternoon 
I have received a letter from you asking for an update about Biscuit.  She is doing really well!
She was a bit nervous to start with which is to be expected but has settled in quickly.  I can stroke her for a lot longer now and she will happily come and sit in my lap for a time.  I’m careful not over stroke her as she can get a bit irritated but we have built up a good bond and I can tell when she is about to snap at me!
She loves being outside and is happy to roam about near the farm and the fields close by.  She has caught a few mice and rabbits however which is always a lovely morning surprise (not)!  She follows me about when I’m in the garden and knows the neighbours opposite well enough for them to be able to stroke her too.  She is much more trusting now which is great to see.  She also joins me on my walks into the countryside.  I only walk about 2 miles but she just started to follow me one day and now it is a weekly event.  Although she did get spooked one day and raced up a tree.  That was an interesting experience to say the least!  She was unharmed bless her but it did take us about half an hour to get her down.
Her lovely ginger coat has really come through and she is such a beautiful looking cat.  In bad weather she sits on the windowsill in the lounge and watches the world go by.  I’ve also made her a couple of toys which she loves playing with.  She really is a funny little thing sometimes!!
She has also started sleeping at the end of our bed on a night time now which I never thought would happen as she showed no signs of wanting to be with us on night.  I’ve not encouraged or discouraged her in any way.  I just let her do her own thing really and I think she likes that kind of care and attention.  I’ve just recently bought her a little cat house for outside so that if bad weather does strike and I’m at work, at least she has somewhere to stay dry.
I’ve attached a few photos for you to see how she is doing.  I’m so pleased we adopted her as you can see how happy she is.
Thanks Abi