Hi  Brian

Where can I start it had been an eventful few months! 

India now Layla, is still very nervous and you have to be very mindful of this when approaching her. We have not managed to handle her but she seems happy in her own world. She likes to be left alone, however we live in hope that the day will come when she is confident around us. 

She tolerates our dog and will rub round him at feed time which I must add is her favourite time of day! She is not interested in going out and spends most of her day in our bedroom.

Rosie now Lola, is fully integrated into our home. She loves playing outside and follows the dog everywhere, yesterday she even joined in with a ball game. She is a happy little kitten.

We adore the pair of them and look forward to the day when Layla sits on our knee.

Even though Layla is aloof she has the most lovely nature and you can only wonder what trauma she has endured to make her so nervous of everything.

Kind regards


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