Hello! I’m super sorry for not updating you loves sooner, we’ve had a busy summer!

I’ve attached some photos of Luna-Freya, you’ll remember her as Mia 😊

She’s really come out of her shell and our resident cat Tea leaf has finally started to play with her, I don’t think she was sure how to interact with other cats since we’d got her from such a young age and she’s a house cat.

Anyway, Luna has gotten super loud! She really knows how to speak her mind. She’s become an excellent spider catcher which my husband is very happy for. She’s now playing with string toys and jingle balls as well as the trusty laser that you loves first got her interested in.

She’s become a lot more affectionate and has started to cuddle with me at night, I think the cold weather is what’s coaxed her to do that.

Thank you once again for introducing me to her, she’s become a firm member of the family and she’s growing into a proper little lady!

Much love!

Hannah and Kyle