Hello Brian,
Sorry for the late reply! The girls are doing fantastically! We have changed their names to Coco and Inky (Coco the tabby, Inky the black).
Coco was very shy and scared in the foster home when we went to pick them up, and the lady warned that we probably wouldn’t see her for a week or so once we got them home. She was very stressed in the carrier but once she was home, she was out and about exploring! they were very comfortable with being out in the open and were keen to see what we were up to!
They have been my little shadows, especially Coco, who is a completely different cat to the one we saw the first day we got her!
We keep them as indoor cats, as there are many cats around us. The neighbour has three un-neutured girls, which brings the Tom cats around and there are a lot of fights, so for Coco and Inky’s safety we thought it best they remain indoor

Best wishes,