Recently at home we were sorting through some old photos and I came across an article featured in The Echo. It was a double page spread about our group and it was when we still had our foster pen. I clearly remember the reporter arriving, obviously a cat lover as he was gushing about our own cats before he even saw our foster babies. We tended to foster shall we say spirited cats and at the time we had a pair of strays in the pen. Despite warning him of the dangers to his flesh from them he insisted on entering the pen. All credit to him he was not deterred by their attack on his ankles and did not surrender until he had stroked them. He came out and, after tending the wounds, we carried on with the interview. I looked over the article with great affection and could still clearly still see the look of pride on his face, although I was shocked by how old I’d gotten

The copy appeared much larger and positive than we could ever have hoped for and was followed by many calls of support for the group’s work.

This in turn reminded me of dear Pauline. Pauline was disabled and helped in many ways at events and the shop. Her most memorable contribution though was the kittens that she saved by bottle feeding and wiping bottoms throughout the night. I particularly remember one litter that were rescued when they were dragged into a grain elevator. Luckily the farmer spotted them and they were taken in a terrible condition to Pauline who dedicated every hour of her day to their survival.

Sadly Pauline succumbed to her illness, helped by many side effects. Still she continued to help by donating a large sum to enable us to set up our present group, Lincoln Cat Care.

Over the years there have been so many people that have enabled us to continue doing whatever is needed for local cats. Likewise there have been many who have dedicated many hours to build on all the good work done by previous volunteers.

Our consistent driver has been to always help any cat in any way that was necessary and many people have donated to the group because of what we do.

If you ever go into our shop there is a memory board for some of them.