Thank you for you’re letter regarding Maggie who is now called Cassie. She was a shy kitten when I collected her but that did not last long, within a few days she established herself as number one in the pecking order and boss of my other cat Mika (15 years old) and Jess my 2 year old Border Collie who also came from a rescue centre.Cassie has been neutered and microchipped.She is registered with Park View Vets and has a pet care plan to ensure she gets all the treatments she needs and regular check ups. Cassie is full of mischief she has brought me my first mouse and many long worms from the garden after it has been raining.She has 2 favourite places to sleep one at the top of the cat tree and every night all 3 of them curl up on the bed next to me.She is much loved by all of my grandchildren who spoil her.Thankyou for caring for her and letting her come to live with me and who knows I may be back to take another kitten, at one time I had 10 cats all of  which adopted me sadly I only have one of them left most were between17 and 19 years old when I lost them. Regards Sheila.