Dear Brian,

Thank you for your letter regarding Binx our adopted kitten. The name on the letter is ‘Emma’ but we renamed her Binx. I can confirm that she has been microchipped, spayed and received her annual booster.
Binx has settled in very well – she is a very much loved member of the family. So far the ‘prizes’ she has brought home for us (very proudly) include moss and a leaf.
She adores our other cat (Wilson) who we adopted from you a year ago. They get on very well (as 2 of the attached photos will attest).
Binx loves being stroked on the back on the neck – it renders her completely useless, she goes floppy and purrs her little head off. In fact she purrs even if I am just speaking to her, the lovely little thing 

We are the proud owners of two very happy cats, from Lincoln Cat Care.

Best wishes, Kate

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