Sorry for the delay in responding to your first letter. We do indeed have Sweetie. She is now called Kitty (named by our two year old daughter). Kitty settled very quickly into our home.

Beyond all expectations for how she fitted into family life and she loves being here. Her and our two year old daughter are the best of friends. She loves to wander about our garden in the day but we keep her in at night, to make sure she’s safe. We often update Mandy on how kitty is doing by text and she has beenĀ brilliant if we have had any questions. We often send her photos too as we can’t believe how outgoing and cuddly Kitty is compared to the timid hiding cat she was when we first met her.

Kitty has been spayed and microchipped, we used the voucher you provided. We collected her in December and felt that as she was a timid cat who had been through quite an ordeal prior to being rescued, we didn’t want her to move to a new home and then have a major op all at the same time. So we kept her inside and she had the op in early February. She then started going out at the end of February once she was healed. I will see what photos I have and send them on.

Kind regards Suzanna