Hi Brian,
  Thank you for taking the trouble to write about Angel.
I did write to Jenny about a month after adopting her with an update.
I was really pleased with the services you kindly provide. I understand that there are a lot of volunteers involved with the charity and that is highly commendable supporting lots of people in the community not able to retain their animals and people like me looking for a cat to re-home.
  I lost my last cat a few months before I started looking for another cat to adopt. It was very useful to see the pictures and additional information on the website. Jenny and Penny were very helpful when I made enquiries about available cats. The facilities at Jenny’s were particularly impressive including the kennelling and lovely garden and of course the regime Jenny and her partner had looking after the many cats in their care. It was spotless and very well managed.
  I mentioned to Jenny after I’d brought Angel home that she had a small lump on her underside and took her to the vets for a check up. Thankfully it is nothing to worry about and is either a hernia from birth or caused during sterilisation. Jenny also arranged for Angel to be microchipped and funded through the charity. I covered the cost of vaccination for cat influenza. That was very helpful for me.
  I’m absolutely thrilled to have adopted her. She settled in very well and loves the garden and climbing trees.She has made a big difference to my life and sense of well-being. Having a lovely cat to care for and give and receive affection with has that effect on you. She is very gentle and sweet natured. 
 Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Lincoln Cat Care.
  Kind regards