These are two of the many stray kittens we’ve rescued this year. These two came from Newark and Brownhills, the camper centre, heard and generously donated £100 towards our work.

Pictured is Debs receiving the donation and we’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone at Brownhills.


Especially in last few months we seem to brought into care more wild kittens than we’ve seen for many years. The reason for this isn’t clear but when we were in a similar position in the ’90s our free neutering campaign made an incredible difference over the next few years. We have continued this campaign, as often as funds will allow, but we seem to still be struggling uphill. Whether this is due to the amount of cats not being neutered who get lost or abandoned or the rising cost of neutering, which has almost trebled since the ’90s, is remains a mystery. We have a few very special fosterers who will take these kittens and try to bring them round to find places in homes, but some are just too wild or too old to bring round. The places available to home these ferals are few and far between so it’s vital to get them as young as possible. Only this week we’ve brought in five and to look at them it’s hard to understand why they’re not in homes.