Hi Brian, I am sorry for the delay in responding to your recent communications.

Hamilton is doing fine thank you, he has settled in as if he owned the place from his first day here. He was micro-chipped when we got him, to the charity and have not updated it to add myself, but am in the process of trying to do that. We have never found a name that suited him like Hamilton and although it may get shortened to Hammy occasionally, his Sunday name is Hamilton and is used the most due to the trouble he gets into.

Hamilton has cost a small fortune from the first week!! When he slipped off the windowsill and chipped a growth plate in his elbow. He was supposed to be on cage rest for several weeks but as he was always climbing to the top and trying to get out, I therefore put him on house rest instead. To the time, I returned from holiday to a kitten limping around due to catching his paw in the fence. He is quite accident-prone.

Hamilton gets up to all sorts, like the time the local kids picked him up and placed him in an unfamiliar area, where he promptly ran unseen into someone’s house and hid for some six hours. I had to go searching for him and it was only speaking to the a lady who had seen him earlier in the day, that it helped arouse her suspicions when she heard a noise later on in the day and called him, that he crawled out of a stage area about four inches tall.

He now wears a collar with tag and bell for the sake of the adults and birds, as he is very fast, also an excellent flycatcher.

Hamilton loves the fish TV and goes mental at about ten at night until I get up to feed the them. Unfortunately, he has watched me too closely and can now move the gold pot and gain access to the feeding door.

Hamilton has adjusted well to the other animals, our sixteen year old cat Jess, she puts him in his place occasionally when needed, but they only sleep about twelve inches apart now instead of the six feet when he arrived. In addition, the race up the stairs to the bedroom windowsill is a nightly occurrence now.

Unfortunately, Shadow, the dog a Japanese Akita/GSD, has been bullied and displaced from his position at the top of the stairs of a night.

Hamilton has one very odd thing he does and that is he lays his tail flat up his back, something I had not see before but on investigation it appears to be a genetic mutation some cats display nowadays.🤔

But apart from all that, Hamilton is keeping us on our toes and we wouldn’t be without him………….most of the time.😀

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Kind regards