Hi Brian
Finnegan has well and truly settled in with us, as can be seen from the photos.
We kept him in for several weeks until he had been fully injected and treated at the vets. During which time he longingly gazed out the front window and back patio door.
He’s a big, handsome, lively and friendly boy who loves exploring – especially now he’s outside.
Naturally his exploring also includes climbing and jumping – the fact he’s missing a back leg doesn’t seem to bother him as he walks along the top of the fence having clambered up it.
He’s met and made friends with several neighbours and already encountered several cats from the neighbourhood. So far he appears to be quite friendly with the neighbourhood cats as well – having spent some time in a neighbour’s garden with their old boy, Tommy, a fluffy 17+ black cat who seems somewhat less impressed by the arrangement than Finnegan.
We are considering dispensing with the use of an alarm clock as Finnegan takes it upon himself to wake us up with loud purrs. mewling, jumping on the bed and poking us.
Once up he loudly announces how very hungry he is until the food is put down – he’s not short on appetite!
Being a young and lively boy he seems to prefer staying out and awake as long as absolutely possible – we lock him in when the sun starts going down – until he finally comes back in and flakes out for the night.
He’s a most splendid boy! Thank you for ensuring that he lived to tell the tale.
Lindsey & Dianne