Hi Brian
Thank you for getting in touch. 
Harry (I dropped the Steptoe) arrived on the 6th June. He proceeded to move under a large unit for 3wks before we could come near him! Debbie our Lincoln Cat Care contact had recommended for a minimum of 4wks for Harry before he could be allowed outside so that he would get used to his new surroundings as he had been living rough for most of his life (5yrs).  In fact it took 5 weeks before I had enough trust in him to come back when called! 
That first morning, I did not feed him and opened the patio door. I was nervous and so was he but he was so keen to go out. He looked around, jumped the fence and within minutes had caught a young pigeon and came back down without his new collar…  But after a couple of hours when I rattled the biscuit bowl he was quick to come back in, needless to say that was enough emotion in one day!
Since, the boy has gained confidence and although he has yet to catch any voles, he hasn’t appeared to have snacked on any birds either which is a relief. 
Harry is a gregarious type of cat, he either sleeps in the chair in the conservatory or in the veg bed. He’s extremely fussy for food, loves game of “chase the twig’ and adores a cuddle and brushing. He is a lovely chap and fits right into our family life. We are very happy with his process and thank you to Debbie for believing in him and giving him another chance of a better life with us. 
I’m attaching some pictures and I hope that some maybe good enough for the website. 
Kind regards