Hello Brian.
Thank you for the letter enquiring about Buzz. He’s settled in very well, from the moment Penny brought him to us. She said at the time what a friendly little boy he was and she was right, he’s a delight. He’s been with us for almost 4 months now and he’s growing into a very handsome young man. He’s happy, confident, cheeky, adorable and great company for us and for Wiggins our other furry boy. It’s getting harder to tell them apart because they’re both totally black. The only difference is that Buzz has a small flash of white on his belly. He was neutered and chipped before he came to us so that’s good. Him and Wiggins get on well, chasing round and playing hide and seek, taking it in turns to ambush the other one. Iv attached a couple of photos for you to see. As you probably know, its quite hard to get a clear photo of a black cat and Buzz is hardly still long enough either. From Lisa, Steve and Wiggins. X

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