Found cats


Does anyone recognise this handsome fella, he has been turning up regularly at the Rescue  Kennels for the last couple of weeks.
Unfortunately he isn’t microchipped

Cat found in Welton. Been on our street for a month or so but doesn’t look like it’s being cared for so probably missing

Been around Harrow Close Off Park Rd Washy since early October

at the Carlton Centre,Lincoln. Friendly but hungry

Anyone lost this young cat ? currently wandering round my house – Fairfield st Monks Road ! Mostly white . with moustache marking and Tabby head

This cat has been in Hewson Road since end of October. Do you know where it belongs?

I know there are lot of similar cats out there but this one is not neutered, has no collar or chip and is wandering the Wragby Road area of Lincoln

This black and white cat has been hanging around Coleridge gardens ln2 for about a week. We have asked around but no one knows who it belongs too. It’s a very friendly little thing, but isn’t microchipped.

This puss is wandering on Grantham Road, Bracebridge Heath. Do you recognise it?

This pretty cat is wandering in Cherry Willingham, do you know where its home is?

in the Lincoln College area

This cat is hanging around the Boultham Moor area. Do you know where its home is?

WADDINGTON Don’t know if this cat is lost but I thought I’d post in case anyone is looking for him/her cos she/he was meowing in my garden this morning and I’ve never seen him/her before Tabby and white with one floppy ear

Gringley on the Hill
Does anyone recognise or is missing this beauty? Not yet chip checked, as the lady who is kindly feeding kitty is building trust to get close Please share to help find this kittys humans  **Update: From carer – Been to vets this morning as had ticks which needed removing, kitty is quite underweight, is female and microchipped so they are trying to contact registered keeper

Straying in Tiber Road,North Hykeham. Know where it lives?

Do you know where this one’s home is? It’s been hanging around the Victoria Street area.

,for the past few days we have had a little ginger cat come to our house on Monks Road, no collar, very hungry and thirsty and a very friendly cat

Seen just off Monks Rd. Looks clean, but lady says he/she has a wound on her/his back. Where does this cat belong?

Been coming to a house in Blankney Cres, Ermine for 2 weeks. He/she is timid and finder cannot get near him/her. Does anyone know where the cats home is?

Is anyone looking for a ginger cat? White bib and paws and white end to tail. I am outside of Metheringham and quite remote. Cat keeps visiting so just wondering if anyone looking for it as it is nicely marked

Seen in Newark Road by Aldi. Do you know where this 3 legged cat belongs?

Grey/white neutered male has been in Pietemaritz St since last week. He has no chip and has now had treatment for a respiratory infection. Where does he belong?

Carrying out house calls on Station Road,Branston. Know where it lives?

Found in Ingham. Do you know where its home is?

Do you know where this beauty has come from? Been living under a shed in the De Wint Avenue area. No microchip. Now with Newport Vets 800333

 Shannon Ave – not sure if he lives locally , no chip, not neutered.