Found cats



Blk/wh cat straying round Iceland off Nettleham Rd. It is full of flu

been at Beaufort Close, Glebe Park for 2 or 3 weeks(7/8/17), not leaving. Has green collar.

Found Manrico Dr, St Georges estate and taken in to Vets hospital on Monday with sore jaw. Young male with collar as seen

Been straying on Holly Street for about 5/6weesk (31/7) – no chip

This lad has been around Newland Street West since early May

Very weak and skinny found Hackthorn.

Been in Harmston since early July.. Chip not registered, Friendly not know m or f. Lady is feeding.

She was found on Vere Street off Newport . Very distinctive as she has had her front right leg amputated . No chip or collar , the vet thinks about 3 yrs old . Very fussy but nervous . Its on facebook to help find her owners but no luck so far . I am feeding her and giving her shelter but my cat is not very happy with the situation ! Thankyou My contact no is 07740   582380

Wandering on Yarborough Road, near Burton Rd roundabout Thursday Morning 11.5.17

been at St Georges Estate since early March, friendly and hungry.

Entire cat found on Millman Rd/Monks Rd, but not hungry. Could belong to someone

he is not chipped, and didn’t have a collar. The vet estimates he is about 7 months old, and that he might have been outside for at least 3/4 days. He is not neutered. He is a lovely cat, and seems to be used to having a litter tray. He appeared mid March on Church Drive,Boultham

Been around Halton Close, Birchwood for a few weeks. was entire, no collar or chip. He is now neutered.

Found Appleby Way, Birchwood since Christmas eve, no chip, friendly, good condition.


Found Vere street, lovely mature girl with pink diamante collar. very


Found at house in Eagle Rd, North Scarle. She is maybe 7 or 8 years, no
chip and has had a collar on at some time, maybe not recently, not thin.


Living around Barnbygate in Newark since mid September. No collar or chip around
1 year, female.

found ebonyclo616

Been around Ebony Cl Birchwood since early May – probably a young male – no chip

found beckside416

Entire Male been around Beckside Area in NETTLEHAM since mid April

found dalderbycres316x

Been wandering on Dalderby Cres Nettleham for a few weeks very timid – looks like a male

found fiskerton116 found fiskerton1161

We have a lovely white friendly cat appeared in Fishtoft goes round all the houses trying to get somewhere warm and something to eat. Male very hungry doesn’t belong to anyone round here.Think it’s lost. It is definitely a family cat been well looked after.

found lilfordwy1215

Found Lilford Way, Glebe Park, v thin, hungry, looks like male, they think neutered

found whitehornegr1215

Found today whitethorn Grove birchwood, entire m no col/chip, very friendly, Been seen around, probably belongs in area, not thin.

found fenlane1215

Found straying on Fen Lane LN41JH  THis Blk/Wh very friendly neutered lad, no chip or collar

found lindum ter1115

  found Lindum Terrace Nov 22nd, running around on road, no chip/collar,but has wound under front leg. Female, maybe 2 ish, very fussy.

found pennellst1015

Been at house on High St/ Pennell St since Oct 8th, not leaving. Has blue collar

found leerd815

This cat has been coming to north side of Lee Rd, Lincoln for the past couple of weeks looking for food. He seems desperately hungry and is trying to come into my house. I would take him / her in but I have two of my own who would not tolerate him

found vernonst815 found vernonst8151

Do you recognise this unchipped lady wandering in Vernon St/Princess Street

found cat monksrs 715

HILLSIDE AVE/MONKS RD/TOWER FOUR WHITE PAWS BACK TWO PAWS HAVE LONGER WHITE PATCHES This kitten has been straying for a few days now, it used to visit a few months ago and was healthy – now its very scruffy and extremely thin. We are feeding incase its stray – does anyone recognise it? Approx 10-12months old.


been at house in raf Scampton for few days. May belong there, but not sure. If you know who it belongs to please let us know.
found grangerdbbh215 found grangerdbbh2151

This lovely has been straying in Grange Road,Bracebridge Heath. Do you know where its home is?

found yorkav115

31st Dec small female, not chipped, Vet says 1-2 years old She was found on York Avenue in the West End.

found sincilbank115 found sincilbank1151

This beautiful M/c has been straying round Sincil Bank area for several weeks. He has four white feet a white chest and a white tip on his tail. Does anyone recognise him – he looks to be about 1/2yrs.

stray birchwoodave115

This little girl has been straying on the Birchwood Ave (Doddy Rd End) since the summer – she was wearing a collar and has been neutered at some time – if you recognise her please call 306195/796089













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