Found cats


Do you know where this one’s home is? It’s been hanging around the Victoria Street area.

,for the past few days we have had a little ginger cat come to our house on Monks Road, no collar, very hungry and thirsty and a very friendly cat

straying in Hunt Lea Avenue / Boultham Park. Do you know where its home is?

attached pictures of the stray cat that has been hanging around the bottom end of Manton Road. Any help you can provide in finding her owners or re-homing her would be much appreciated. My mum who lives at the apartments at the end of Manton road is feeding her twice a day.


Possibly a female – she hangs about in NETTLEHAM around the pub The Plough and the Chinese Rest. Behind.
Is there almost every night – if you know where she lives please call in on 796089 or 306195

Seen just off Monks Rd. Looks clean, but lady says he/she has a wound on her/his back. Where does this cat belong?


Been coming to a house in Blankney Cres, Ermine for 2 weeks. He/she is timid and finder cannot get near him/her. Does anyone know where the cats home is?

Is anyone looking for a ginger cat? White bib and paws and white end to tail. I am outside of Metheringham and quite remote. Cat keeps visiting so just wondering if anyone looking for it as it is nicely marked

Seen in Newark Road by Aldi. Do you know where this 3 legged cat belongs?

Grey/white neutered male has been in Pietemaritz St since last week. He has no chip and has now had treatment for a respiratory infection. Where does he belong?

Carrying out house calls on Station Road,Branston. Know where it lives?

Found in Ingham. Do you know where its home is?

Do you know where this beauty has come from? Been living under a shed in the De Wint Avenue area. No microchip. Now with Newport Vets 800333

 Shannon Ave – not sure if he lives locally , no chip, not neutered.

Does anyone recognise this lad.
He has been around Cherry Willingham since mid May
Vet says he is 10+ verging on the thin side and has a round tummy (could be worms) no chip. Very very friendly but not known by any neighbours roundabout

This cat has been visiting a house in Hainton Rd for some time and appears very hungry when given food. Where does he belong?


Do you recognise this cat straying in the West Parade area

This little lady was reported straying southwest of Grantham and is with Animal Search UK

Been around Michaelgate since Feb. Very timid so not scanned

Been around for a while. No collar/chip on St Michael Terrace. Any information?

do you recognise this little puss found wandering on Brant Road mid May? He has not been neutered and has no chip

Has been coming into our garden for 3-4 months now, always absolutely starving, slept in a shelter in the garden for 3 days whilst we had the snow storm, has a bad eye infection and several ticks. Very very friendly! A lady has been to check for a microchip but with no luck, looks like he’s an un-neutered male. Turned up at my house wearing a collar today but no improvement in health. Would like to find out who he belongs to


Found on Tillbridge Lane, Sturton by Stow mid april after being knocked by
a vehicle. Neutered boy, very friendly

been around for some time, sleeps in greenhouse, but looks healthy and ok. Laburnum Close, North Hykeham

Found Thurs 1st March – Enterprise Carpark, Waterside near railway.

Young Female looks in good condition – no chip – has been seen around area for a while.


This handsome boy has been straying in Ulceby. Do you know where his home is?

 cat that appears to be living in  shed in Connaught Terrace since early October.  It is quite unsteady.  Small, male, blue/black flea collar.

M/n, no chip been in Aylesby Close Ermine since late Sept. Seems to be there most of the time.

This pretty girl has been straying in Boundary Street,Lincoln since late August

Straying in Sudbrooke since at least end August

Been around spa st for a bit – girl took it into Vets no chip has a skin condition but ok

Young female – been around since mid August – on the St Aidens Est South Hykeham

Found Manrico Dr, St Georges estate and taken in to Vets hospital on Monday with sore jaw. Young male with collar as seen

This lad has been around Newland Street West since early May

Very weak and skinny found Hackthorn.

Been in Harmston since early July.. Chip not registered, Friendly not know m or f. Lady is



She was found on Vere Street off Newport . Very distinctive as she has had her front right leg amputated . No chip or collar , the vet thinks about 3 yrs old . Very fussy but nervous . Its on facebook to help find her owners but no luck so far . I am feeding her and giving her shelter but my cat is not very happy with the situation ! Thankyou My contact no is 07740   582380

Wandering on Yarborough Road, near Burton Rd roundabout Thursday Morning 11.5.17

been at St Georges Estate since early March, friendly and hungry.

he is not chipped, and didn’t have a collar. The vet estimates he is about 7 months old, and that he might have been outside for at least 3/4 days. He is not neutered. He is a lovely cat, and seems to be used to having a litter tray. He appeared mid March on Church Drive,Boultham

Been around Halton Close, Birchwood for a few weeks. was entire, no collar or chip. He is now neutered.