Found cats


Charlie 10 year old cat DSH. Found on George street in Gainsborough. He has been in this area for at least 2 weeks. Tel: 01427 612188 Lauren at Dowdings Vets

This distinctive cat has been straying in Bracebridge Heath. Surely someone must know where its home is.

the stray on Chedworth Road,  the vet scanned him and there wasn’t a chip.

This lovely cat has been around West parade since November. No chip. does she belong near by?

Handed into Park View Vets if you know where this beauty belongs

Looks like male , possibly entire but well fed, that has been around Westcliffe St/Burton Rd since Christmas. Does he belong near there?

FOUND ( bracebridge area)
Male tabby cat, first seen in our garden last week and has been coming back for food since… he has spent the last 3 nights in our garden. He’s very friendly just looking a bit worse for wear. He’s safe, is being fed and has a little bed with a hot water bottle.

This pretty young, but shy cat arrived at a house in Ollerton a few weeks ago. At the time she had a collar, but no chip and had been spayed. Does anyone know where she came from. She has a distinctive feature and is a grey tabby.

Does anyone recognise this handsome fella, he has been turning up regularly at the Rescue  Kennels for the last couple of weeks.
Unfortunately he isn’t microchipped

Cat found in Welton. Been on our street for a month or so but doesn’t look like it’s being cared for so probably missing


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