Cats needing homes P2

If any cats on this page interest you please call either 01522 306195 OR 01522 796089 for more information and to arrange a home visit

Lovely Garfield is now ready for his own home. He is a very affectionate and gentle six year old boy who came in with urinary problems. This has been treated and although he recovered very quickly, he will need to be on urinary wet sachets, He doesn’t eat biscuits. He is not a greedy eater, so two sachets per day will suffice. For further information and to arrange a home visit please phone 01522 306195/796089.

Jack just neutered and beautiful little kitten. Jack has a heart problem at the moment, but his vet is hoping he may grow out of it in time. In the meantime, we would cover the cost of any veterinary fees which may occur with this.He is used to a cat friendly dog. Please phone 01522 306195 for further information and to arrange a home visit.

 Akira, is still waiting for a new home. Playful
and fussy, she is going to be a big cat when fully grown.

skye 4

Skye is Very lively and playful. ok other cats and affectionate

 catriona 11catriona 4X

Catriona is a lively girl under a year old and fine with other cats. Fussy with her food. Will only eat Iams wet food and Royal Canin biscuits.