Cats needing homes P1



Poor Gilbert has now had to have big operations on both his ears, just
because his previous owner, we are sure abandoned him, and did not treat a
massive infestation of ear mites and polyps. This could easily have been
avoided, but he is ok now and ready for his new home. A lovely friendly boy,
on a diet because he has put on too much weight being inside for weeks. No
further treatment is needed. He is neutered, mchipped and maybe around 8 or
9 yrs young

Poppet and Moppet two very shy young girls needing a loving home and lots
of patience to help them. They came from a large colony and sadly the owner
did not give them the attention they needed. They are improving, but still
require to be given time. No children, they would be too much for them.
Please do not overlook these little shy ones as the eventual rewards are

Isla now deserves to be in a forever home. She appears to have been passed
around, perhaps from people wanting to breed from her, and has now been
found straying. She is a lovely cat, though very slightly nervous of things
she doesn’t know. This will obviously be partly due to her past
circumstances, but also as she has only been in her care environment for a
few days. She is fine with the other older cat that she comes in to contact
with, but would not be suitable to be homed with a dominant cat.

Mollie a gentle friendly cat who should be ok with other cats now that she has no kittens to protect



Mary is a pretty girl who is fine with people but not with other female cats. She is a loving friendly young cat.

Humphrey we think was a street cat for some time, possibly abandoned, but
luckily being fed by a lady he visited every day. He is neutered, although
slightly timid at the moment, but does like a fuss. He eats well, is clean
and ready for a new home which must be somewhere safe for him to be allowed
to go outdoors.



Katrina is a lively girl, neutered and mchipped, ready for her new home.
She can get excited, so best not homed with young children, but she is very


penny 6x

Penny came into us as a stray. She was a brand new mum with 2 tiny babies and was so aggressive and fierce, it was unclear if she was a feral or not. As it turned out, she was just super protective. Once her babies were old enough to be rehomed, Penny changed again! It became apparent that she’d probably not had the best start in life. She was very wary of people especially children, didn’t really understand affection when given and presumed she was going to be tormented. With lots of time and patience, Penny is now eager for a stroke and attention. She positively craves to be around someone!! She’s still slightly wary at times so we’re looking for someone who has experience with cats and can understand her body language. You’ll need to be able to give her the time she needs to come out of her shell and gain her trust but once you’ve got that, she’ll be the most loving cat. She does at times give you little love bites but it’s definitely not with any malice or aggression. Unfortunately Penny isn’t keen on other cats so will need to be an only cat.