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If any cats on this page interest you then please call either 01522 306195 OR 01522 796089 for more information and to arrange a home visit



Mousse, Mickey and Minnie will be ready soon for homing. Very friendly. Mousse, the grey has to go with either of the other two, Mickey and Minnie 

Molly and Roland are now little “porkies” especially Roland. Molly is very shy unless you have food and treats, but they have bonded and must be homed together. They need access to safe outdoors space, ideally rural if possible. For further information and to arrange a home visit as for all out cats please phone 01522 306195/796089

Cleo is very friendly, likes a nice pat/scratch but won’t be a lap cat, unless you’ve got food! She is desperate to be outside and enjoys exploring. She is very good with children and strangers and not afraid of them – always very friendly! Is content to sit on the radiator and watch over everything – but maybe that’s because the kittens can’t reach her there. Is addicted to human food, especially cheese, so have to be careful otherwise your food will go missing! Is not a ‘dominant’ cat, so might be okay with other cats


Tabby, mum and Sissy her daughter have sadly come in to care due to owners death. We homed these two three years ago and are now around four years old.
Tabby is quite shy and they need a quiet home together

Misty is ready for homing – friendly loves a fuss but possibly not with small children- she nips sometimes


sam X

Sam is about 8 years old. Neutered.He is nervous of strangers but affectionate when he is used to you.Has never been used to roads.


  daisy X

  Daisy is a sweet young cat who needs a stable,

quiet home without young children.