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If any cats on this page interest you then please call either 01522 306195 OR 01522 796089 for more information and to arrange a home visit

Billy (Loki) is a friendly and purry boy who just wants a home and family to call his own. Not sure how he is with dogs and children
MUST be an only cat as he is aggressive with other males

This is lovely Buddy, a slightly older boy. He’s very friendly but has a liking to wander so perhaps needs a safer area.

sam X

Sam is about 8 years old. Neutered.He is nervous of strangers but affectionate when he is used to you.Has never been used to roads.

jasperXjasper X

Jasper is extremely nervous and will take a long time to get used to someone, but when he does he is very affectionate and likes a lot of attention.  However, not easy to handle, panics very easily.Due to his nature, he needs to have another cat with him, and I would like to see him rehomed with Sam.  jasper would be lost without at least one of his cat friends.  he is about 6 years old and neutered.  If it were possible, both Jasper and Sam would benefit from being together with a fosterer who has a smaller area to keep them together and can get them more used to being handled and seeing strangers

  daisy X

  Daisy is a sweet young cat who needs a stable,

quiet home without young children.

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