Cats missing

If you see one of the cats featured here please either phone 01522 306195 or 01522 796089 or e mail:-

Molly, a white and ginger fluffy cat has been missing for few days now.. From the Skellingthorpe road roundabout/birchwood area.
If anyone has spotted her anywhere please let me know ASAP!
Message on Facebook or call/text 07941210281
This is Maizie and she’s missing from Richmond Road,Lincoln
 Oskurr has been missing for a few weeks now, he is an out door cat and leaves for a day or two but its never been this long. He’ll most likely be in brattleby village (between aisthorpe and Ingham)
Missing cat. Violet is missing again from Buttercup Way/Cornflower way area of Newark rd in Hykeham.

I believe someone is feeding my cat and letting her in their home around The Drove area.
 i’ve lost my grey cat she’s chipped and spayed . Last seen on st giles mid Sept plz if u see her could you let me know
Please help me find Heidi, she has been missing since Saturday 12th september.
Usually stays around St marks shopping centre area and Tritton Road retail park in lincoln.
She is microchipped but has no collar.
If seen please contact me on 07879331983
*MISSING* Lincoln Road/Newark Road area
Sooty hasn’t been home for days. He’s always been a bit of a wanderer, but starting to worry now.
Our cat, Noah, has not been since yesterday (Friday 11/9) he never normally strays far and definitely doesn’t miss meal times! If anyone sees him please let us know, we’re in Coleby, LN5 area/A607 road
Bo has been missing since Thursday morning (3/9/20) from Fen Road Billinghay. She is chipped and neutered, about 15 months old. She’s not very big and quite slim.
Simba has been missing since 1st September, not like her to be gone this long. Please can anyone keep an eye out fulmar road, birchwood area. If found please message me on here or text me 07730340148. Thank you.
My aunty’s cat has gone missing from Doddington Road area, she’s an indoor cat and she’s microchipped. They have searched the local area but can’t find her. Please let me know if anyone sees her. She has a different collar on, if its still on. Thank you 

Missing from Larne Road,Lincoln
Anyone seen Violet? From Cornflower Way, The Drove area of Newark Road in Hykeham.
Names Tom he’s 5 years old and got a right shrunken ear he’s been neutered possibly chipped and isn’t wearing his collar he’s been missing from Chaucer Drive St Giles since 30th July 

My Beautiful Girl Elsa Age 5 Missing Since November 2019 From Fernwood Village Newark Nottinghamshire.
Neutered & Microchipped
We Just Want You Home Gorgeous Girl Missed So Much 😪😪😪
MISSING Marley got out last night Please Please if you see him can you keep him safe , he doesn’t have any road sense as he’s an indoor cat, thank you. Fiskerton Lincoln
 Loki escaped on Thursday evening 20/8 and is fairly new to the Tower Gardens LN2 area and a very scared cat . I’ve only had him less than two weeks and he’s managed to escape.
He’s micro chipped and has a bright blue and green collar on. 
I am on bobbin lane, near Carlton centre. I am extremely worried. Tyler has a very distinctive black toe on her right paw. I got her about a month ago. Was told she was an indoor cat and has got out twice since being here. She is not spayed. I will be getting this done as soon as she’s back.
Our cat Sky (grey fur) has been missing since Thursday early morning. He was last seen in the Brant Road area around Newhaven Drive but hasn’t returned home since being let out that morning. He always comes back without fail and has never disappeared for longer than a day. If anyone around Brant Road happens to have seen him and could get in contact that would be amazing! Thanks!
This is Princess. She’s a 12yr old female that’s been missing from her home in Gipsey Bridge since October 2018. If you think you’ve seen her or know where she is please let us know as she has a mum who is missing her
Lost Jack in Washingborough. Only rescued him 3 days ago and somehow he’s got out.
He’s only 1 but he’s a big lad

This sleepy lad is missing from his home on Chaucer Drive. Please check you sheds, garages and outbuildings in case he is shut in. If you have seen him or are feeding him please call in on 01522 796089
He has a deformed right ear so is easily recognisable.

Has anyone seen my little show off he’s been gone a couple of days he normally comes back at the sound of his food bowl .. monks road area
We recently moved to Ripon street from Boultham Park and my boy had managed to get out the top window in the night 😞
If anyone has seen him please let me know! He’s neutered but can be a bit sheepish at times
Our tinker bell is missing please help us find her she has been missing 48hrs which isn’t like her she never goes far. We are on the Carlton centre
Pickles 4yrs old hasn’t been home for 3 days which is out of the ordinary for her! Missing from ermine West (LN1 3RQ)
She is microchipped and spayed ! (Address is still the same but phone number has changed)
Cat missing! Please can people keep a look out for our cat. Shankly has been missing for over 24 hours, which is very unlike her. We live down The Park in Potterhanworth. She has never wandered off before and always comes back for her breakfast and tea. Have one very upset 8 year old daughter. Thank you
Shadow- pavillion gardens ln6
Not been home in 5 days
Is very much loved and is missed
He will go in anyone house and eat everyone food (no collar but chipped)
If anyone has seen this cat please can you contact me on 07498170629
He’s 3 years old and it’s around queen Elizabeth road area ermine west
Name (peanut)

Our cat is missing from Lincoln Road, North Hykeham. We live close to the speed camera.
We moved in recently and she managed to get out last night and did not return today.
Millie is two years old, female and is micro-chipped. She is quite timid but very curious and meows a lot.
Please call 07870 293372 or 07870 656516 if you spot her, or email me on
Wispa has just turned 2, went missing in Heighington mon eve. Very worried about her as it’s very unusual for her to be far from home. She is wearing a red cat collar with a red paw tag with her name and my mobile. Please contact if seen. Please call 07983 595314.
Jack is 11 yrs old and on medication. He’s missing from Burton Road
Male tabby neutered called monty been missing from Buslingthorpe/ faldingworth area since Monday the 22nd june . we have searched all over and no sign of him. He is microchipped and super friendly ( he has a very load meow) any sightings of him would you please call me 07534212248 thank you so much
I’m very concerned about my cat Simba. He hasn’t been home in about a week now. Please if anyone sees him down LN1 then please let me know. Very upset mama here 
Lola our little black cat with white paws is missing.
Lola was viciously attacked a few weeks ago by another cat😕she never goes further than neighbours gardens,especially after her attack.
Please share this post
Lost Black cat white paws
Glebe park near to Asda and Iceland
Thank you
 I’ve lost my ginger cat!
Entire male, not chipped or jabbed because of lockdown 😭
He’s so timid I’m worried sick about him
My name is Misty,I am a female, I live in Blankney and usually sit on my wall. I don’t wear a collar as I usually take them off. I am chipped, to my old address in Branston but the mobile phone number is still the same. I am a very much loved cat and have lived here for over a year and know exactly where I live. I am a very friendly cat, probably too friendly and someone could’ve easily picked me up and taken me.
This is my cat Tigger, he has a orange collar that has white paw prints on but has lost its bell. He’s normally a friendly little chap, he’s been missing for 3 days now which is out of character for him.
Please can you check your out building, garage. Gardens. If you find Tigger please PM me or take him to LincVet off monks Road
This is Davey and he’s missing from Camwood Crescent in Lincoln.  He’s VERY easy to spot as a male. And he’s a bit fatter now since that pic was taken.
Please can you keep an eye out for this cat he escaped mid May, he has only just come to the area a few days ago were in the ln2 4 area but he could be anywhere as he has come from ln6 area please keep an eye out. His name is patch he is about 6 years old really fluffy. 
Missing!!! on monks road mid May! Florence Street!!!
Our cat Teddy went out yesterday between 3 and 4pm but hasn’t come home yet. He never really goes far, and never misses a meal. He normally hangs around Aurelius Way, North Hykeham.

I have lost my cat Tabitha on 11 may 2020 in Carlton le moorland  in the afternoon poss from about 3:30 onwards… never came home for her tea which is very unusual.
She is a petite tabby cat with a white chest and paws- I have attached a pic for you  . Please publish anywhere you can
Megan missing since Monday night from Bucks Close/Carlton Centre area. She has just started going out after being homed by us. She is chipped and has a pink collar.
This is Maisie and she’s missing from Kent Street, Monks Road. She doesn’t know the area as she’s only recently moved in. She is chipped
This is heavily pregnant Ruby and she’s missing from her home in Geneva Avenue Lincolnshire LN2 4EB
LEO lives in Mallard close,off skelly rd Lincoln
Last seen 15 March morning,
Almost 2years old
He is Microchipped
Two very sad little girls and the grown ups are gutted too.
PM if you have any info or advice we can do to find him asap
This is Freddie and he’s missing from Woodfield Avenue,Lincoln
Bengal cat got out last night. His name is Simba, He is very timid so please don’t chase him to catch him. He was last seen on Birchwood near the shops. Any sightings please contact me on here or my mobile number is 075265983611.
Pixie has been missing since Friday night from around the Ermine/Longdales area of Lincoln. She is short haired, tabby/torty and she has a microchip. She lives on Manton Road and doesn’t usually go too far away.
Missing cat! timid around adults, generally much happier around children! Will let you pick her up….Just moved to north Hykeham and got out too soon! Lost around Jaguar Drive/Cresta close area! Female tortoiseshell named Suffy!
Has anyone seen this cat she has been missing 5 weeks from ermine east area, very friendly and is chipped desperate for her to come home she is a muched loved cat and is missed soo much, please if anybody has any information contact me
Our little boy has snuck out, he is only young approx 14 weeks old, and we are worried, he’s not been done. Been gone a couple of days, we hoped he would make his way back nearby so have been keeping an eye out, if you do see him please let me know. From St Giles area.
My beautiful cat Luce has gone missing didn’t /come home last night . We have just moved house , near to the Newport and burton road / rasen lane area .
He has a red collar on engraved with his name and my number .
I have had him for 9 years he is my bestest little bud so please share .

Malika is missing from Park Crescent Washingborough. She escaped today when I’d just brought her home. She’s unfamiliar with the area so will be very scared. If seen please call 07759742339
Our female cat Willow is missing from the South Park area of South Common. Haven’t seen her since Sunday night/Monday morning. She usually doesn’t go far, she’s quite timid but friendly.
11 years old Tortoiseshell from Ingham, Lincoln, last seen Feb 20
She doesn’t hunt or go out for long.
She doesn’t have a collar but is microchipped.
Really friendly and chatty
All her feet are white, 2 black eyes, fully coloured tail
Our much loved kitty, Jinx, who we brought from America with us when we came to live in England in August 2019, and who escaped our home due to the negligence of a handyman leaving a window open, is still missing.
Our hearts are broken.
Jinx is missing from Sutton Cum Lound, Retford, Nottinghamshire 💔‼️💔‼️
Jinx is neutered and chipped.
This is Benny my beautiful boy, he is neutered and chipped. He has been missing for 3 weeks now from the Dunham-On-Trent area. I have put up posters, put flyers through every door in my neighbourhood, advertised on every social media lost site, called every vet I can, he is not a wanderer although socially very friendly. I spend my days off tramping the streets calling him, please if anyone has any information even if its not good news please let me know, as the loss is eating away at my heart.
missing since 1st Feb, please check sheds and out buildings.
Here is Starman he’s been lost for 5 months has someone seen him please in the Ermine area.
My little girl has lost her best friend!
Nettleham area – Can you please check your sheds/garages for our Lennie, he is all black with a blue collar super friendly. He is Chipped, last seen on Saturday.
He comes home every morning and night so it’s really unusual behaviour for us not to have seen him 😩 Thankyou in advance.
Our little cat ‘lucky’ hasn’t come home since early Sept 2019. We have searched the local area several times and are dropping flyers today through doors.
She’s a little thing and is quite shy and timid, she’s my daughters cat and they are inseparable so starting to worry a little now as this isn’t like her at all.
Please keep an eye out for this cat. She is about 9years old, neutered and chipped. Missing now for a week from around the Wragby Road/Greetwell Road area.
This is my Big Boy Bailey, he’s gone missing from Sixfield Close in Lincoln (opposite the City School). He’s new to the area so please can you keep a look out for him as he will be scared.

Spotty missing from Q Elizabeth Rd for 2 dys. Entire, 18 mnths, no col/chip 07842684416.    3 black spots on chin   

This is Alfie Moon.
He is 13 years old. He hasn’t come home for 2 nights and has never ever stayed out all night. My girls and I are worried to death. He is microchipped. He is so loving and adorable. Please let me know if anyone has seen him.
Stane Drive area Bracebridge Heath.

Has anyone seen razzle, been missing since monday night st giles

My Cat is still missing from Christmas Eve, hes a lovely Cat so someone might have taken him in. It is totally out of Character for him to even leave the Garden in Holton le Clay. Please if people see him msg me. Hes called Winston
This is my beautiful princess Peaches who is 13 years old and not chipped. She is a indoor cat and got out from our new home in the sincil bank area Lincoln 6 months ago. She is slim build and sprayed
Missing from Newport area in Lincoln, Koko. She is easily recognisable as she has a stumpy tail.
DOLLY has gone missing! She hasnt come home for 3 days!
If anyone sees her please let me know. Carholme road area.
Really isnt like her
Missing around North Greetwell Ellie is 5 years .
Any information please call Adam on 07487543157

Izzy is missing from Branston

Dora is a 6 month old, indoor cat that has gone missing from the Saxilby area – St. Botolphs close. Please look around sheds and gardens or any warm looking areas. PLease get in touch with any possible sightings.
Misty is an indoor spayed 6 year old cat from Woodfield Ave and has never been out until last night. Please look around your gardens/sheds etc as she will be scared and hiding

This is tilly she is 8 years old and has disappeared in welton please can people keep an eye out for her she has very upset owners and this is out of character for her, you can message the shop and i will pass on your details,thankyou

Lost in Baumber, LN9 5ND. Cleo has been missingsince mid November and we miss her so much. She is a 1 year old tabby and is extremely affectionate. Any news on her would be amazing. She is micro chipped so hoping somebody will find her and we will be reunited.

This is adventurous Scarlet who is missing from her home in Jerusalem, Skellingthorpe. Please keep a look out for her.
Moo-Bean has escaped! We’ve just moved house and she got out the front and bolted. Please send me any messages if you see her on the sincil bank area around Hope street and other streets near by. She’s a tortoise shell with a yellow bell collar. She’s very skittish and will run when approached.
This is Marzy, my best friends cat. he is missing 😞 we haven’t seen him for a few days, ln6 Birchwood area.
He never usually stays away from home this long so we are concerned, if anybody sees him please pm me☹️ I’d be so grateful if people could check sheds/garages as he’s a bit too adventurous sometimes 🙄please everyone keep your eyes open for him,his family are very sad and missing him loads. Xx
Missing now for 5 days, Allenby Close area (monks road)
Tabby is neutered and microchipped, any info/sightings gratefully received 🙏
She’s called Blue,
She is chipped
Hasn’t been home since breakfast (usually home for food times but not been seen since 14 November ) 😩😩😩
Keep a look out around The Avenue, Hawthorne Avenue, Juniper Way and all in-between. Please!
my cat milo went missing 13 November from Winthrope road north hykeham and he has gingivitis if anyone sees him please let me know Iam so worried about him

My lovely cat hasn’t come home since Monday 11 November. I know it’s not many days but it’s not like him. We are extremely rural where we live ,Dorrington,so there’s been, and will continue, to be a lot of hedgerow searches. 
Please can you also keep a lookout in any rescue centres etc. 
We all are so worried about him. 
He’s a large cat with odd eyes. 
My cat didn’t come home for her tea last night, can my local friends keep an eye out for her please? She is chipped and called Tabitha. She’s quite elderly and quite timid 😔 it’s unusual for her to not turn up at tea time. Missing from High St Ruskington
Please check garages, sheds, etc…Tilly went missing last night…. Female neutered… White with black patches as show in pictures… Missing on Birchwood… Sorry forgot to mention she wearing blue collar with diamond gems
JACOB …Is missing from Sturton by Stow ln12aq since Sunday 3rd November which is total out of character .Please can everyone in the sturton by stow area and surrounding villages keep an eye out for him also check any sheds or outbuilding ,Jacob is a very nervous cat,any sightings if possible please take photos get intouch with Sam on 07902432821 .ASAP.Thank you

She is a calico with white, black and ginger colouring, long haired and very petite. She is 4 yrs old but looks younger because of her size. She is called Pudding. North Carlton, Lincolnshire.
She doesn’t like strangers so may act feral, hissing etc. But she is tame. She also wont eat if she is stressed.  DSC
Missing Cat called Fudge from Navenby. Disappeared, doesn’t wear a collar on 30/10/19. Neutered and microchipped female cat 2 years old.
Missing in North Scarle since 29/10/19 (very unusual for him, as an ex feral he’s very attached to his spot on the sofa!): Monty. Brown tabby. Can be shy but friendly. No collar but chipped. Please check sheds and garages, have a look under any hedges/bushes in case he is injured and seeking shelter. Thank you!
this beautiful chipped cat names Tink has been missing from Moor Lane,North Hykeham since mid October
Willow has been missing since mid October from the Glebe Park area. He is a semi-long hair tabby, neutered, aged 13 and very friendly. He’s not wearing a collar but is chipped. Unfortunately I don’t have very good photos as I haven’t had him that long.

, my cat is missing and had been for 8 months now, she is female, black and white, with a black moustache, she is neutered, but sadly not chipped as she was mostly a indoor cat, she is 14 and her name is Tash. My contact tel no is 07872 019636

Lost – Small 2 year old female tabby. Temporarily living in The Nook area of Croxton Kerrial, Grantham. Went missing on October 16th.
She is very loved and missed. Please look out for her and check sheds, garages and other out buildings. She does not know the area at all and will be very timid and scared.
Any information, please contact Laura on 07954388113/
Can everyone keep an eye out for our cat. Last seen on Monday 14 October evening on Swallow Avenue, Skellingthorpe. Not wearing a collar but is microchipped. Thank you xx
Last seen 6th October. 12 yr old cat, who is microchipped. Been poorly recently, but seemed to pick after a few visits to vets. This picture was taken over a week ago, and he had lost weight due to illness, but was stacking it back on. Nervous cat, but if anyone has seen him, please contact me. Last seen around laurel close/Holly street area
elderly Tiger is missing from his home on Rasen Lane. If you see him please call LCC
Please has anyone seen my daughters and grand daughters cat Leo been missing from Russell Avenue, north Hykeham area since Monday 7 October
EARL – Missing from Navenby since late September
He is neutered and microchipped
Please check your sheds, garages and outbuildings

Hi Jack has been missing since mid September from Millstream Road area in Heighington. He is incredibly friendly and microchipped
This is Oliver and he’s missing from his Harby home. This is the second breed cat to go missing from here. Have you seen or been offered a cat?
My beloved black cat Finnick hasn’t been home for 3 days now. Missing from the Sycamore Grove, King Drive area of Bracebridge Heath. He is extremely friendly and a bit of a menace to local wildlife. He’s very much a wanderer but normally pops in at least one a day for cuddles.
Extremely worried and desperate to have him home. 💔💔💔
She’s not been seen in the last 3 weeks. Ermine east area. She’s called Phoebe and has been microchipped. We’ve had suspicions someone in the area could be feeding her as she’d disappear for a few days – a week sometimes but she always came back and has never been gone this long!! Even if that is the case that someone else is feeding and taking care of her, I just want to know she’s okay, fed and looked after 🥺💕
Our bushy tailed puss cat Clover is missing from Wilsford 😥 last seen on weds 11 sept wearing a red collar at our home on Myers Close. He is mainly black with a white front right leg and tummy/chin. He is desperately missed by us all and we would really appreciate folk checking sheds and outbuildings just in case he’s trapped somewhere. Any info about his whereabouts would gratefully received, be that good or bad (the not knowing is the worst part).
If anyone around Digby /RAF Digby / Ashby de la Launde sees this cat can you let us know please
This is Gizmo missing from Shardloes in Branston since late July

our beloved cat Libby has been missing since Monday 30 July from Buttercup Way,North Hykeham. She has previously got stuck in a garage and green house. I’ve been out calling her, handed out posters etc but no joy. Please keep an eye out for her, we miss her loads and are worried sick. ***Libby hasn’t got a collar on currently but is chipped

Our cat Cookie went missing from Fen road Billinghay nearly 3 weeks ago 5/7/19.
She is microchipped, neutered but doesn’t wear a collar. She is a light coloured grey tabby, almost khaki with black stripes and a grey patch around her mouth.

Thea went missing from Sincil Bank on 17 July. She was wearing a black and white collar and is chipped

Please keep a eye out for Cleo , only been gone a day , but that is unusual for her. Very friendly lady. De Wint Avenue area.
This is Tank and he’s been missing from his South Muskham home for a while. He’s chipped and easily recognisable so please look out for him.

Mikey is missing from Carlisle Way off Bath Road Bracebridge Heath. Hes a large black neutered Male, microchipped with a collar. Never goes far from his food so hes in trouble somewhere. Please report any sightings,on 07747750937 reward for safe return.

Louise hasn’t been home since 23rd May and never usually strays. Thelma is lost without her sister.
We are in the Branston area.
Missing from Harby area. he is chipped and owners just moved from saxilby. Any information please contact

Missing in metheringham for a few days now Name is snooky

Missing from Brant Road area, neutered and microchipped. Black cat with white socks and markings under his chin and belly. Responds to the name AJ, he’s very friendly!
Has put on a bit of weight since these pictures and no longer wears a collar.

Bella from Brant Rd/Waddington area did not come home May 8 night. She is neutered, no collar. Please let us know if you see her
gone missing again milo is a neutered male and is the friendliest cat ever. I love him so much and panic every time he does this he is microchipped he doesn’t have a collar because he pulls them off but the microchip is up to date. Please let me know if any one has seen him round the cranwell street area.
Missing! Lovely natured female tabby. Microchipped and neutered. Last seen near Glentworth Hall (DN21). Please pm with any info – Esme is a wonderful family pet and is greatly missed

Chubster is missing from Brant Road near the surgery


I’m hoping someone might have seen our cat which is missing from Thorpe on the Hill. Tommy  hasn’t been castrated yet (he was booked in today!), I think his hormones have got the better of him and he’s wandered a bit far afield 😥. If anyone has seen him (or is feeding him!) please let me know. 

This lovely girl is missing from her home in the Lover Lane area Newark. Only recently moved to this area. She is chipped and neutered although chip details not yet changed.Please check sheds and garages if you live near her

George is missing from Stainfield, Kingthorpe NR Wragby
Missing for several weeks – is an entire male

our beautiful Tesla is missing since 23rd march morning from Colegrave Street ( St Catherine area)
This is Mr Sargent Fuzzy Boots. He’s been missing for more than a few days now and we are absolutely gutted! We have moved house a few weeks ago and very worried he’s got lost in the new surroundings or worse! Please let me know if you see him…. last seen in the new builds area (George Boole drive) at bottom of westwick drive
Kelly is missing from Manor farm Estate, N H, She is small, 2 yrs, spayed and chipped, no collar. Reward for her safe return. Please keep a look out for her if you live there
Vader has decided to not come home since Sunday 3 march night when it started to absolutely chuck it down, and become windy as! So, probably tried finding shelter in a shed or under a car.
Has a greyish collar, but has the tendency to take it off and bring it home. Responds to food… more than his name Ermine east area 

if anyone is around the Birchwood area and sees my cat please please get in contact with me @ 07508075908
He hasn’t been seen all week he never leaves the street, he is responsive to his name which is murphy, he is neutered but isn’t microchipped, he is wearing an orange collar with my number on the inside with a Gryffindor bandanna attached,
He is 9 years old and has a fluffy tail, he is also very food driven, he will respond to his name and is extremely friendly.


Poppy, this pretty girl has been missing for 3 nights now, from the Brant Rd area Waddington. She is wearing a collar and is chipped. please could everyone in that area check sheds and garages in case she is shut in. 

This pretty girl has been missing from her home on Lawrence Cl, Moorlands just off Tritton Rd since early Jan 29 recently moved     contact us with any sightings
BOB Is missing burton road/ Dunkirk road /Anzio estate area very worried as he never ventures far. Extremely shy boy and very nervous so probably hiding in sheds or under cars etc. Please keep an eye out. No collar but is chipped. Grey/brown striped tabby gingerish belly with spots

Sadly not long after moving houses my cat has gone missing.
Could be around Allenby Close ln3, but they might have wondered back to old house Severn street Ln11sj .
Peppa is chipped missing them very much, so if anyone sees them around those areas please contact me 07934 857827

My cat Erik is missing since yesterday morning. Very out of character for him. One year old , large boy. Neutered and microchiped .No collar. Black with Very distinctive white marks. Very friendly and curious . Cherry WillinghaM
if you see Leo please call. Leo’s was last seen seen at home – Sheepwash Lane, Heighington on the 05/01/19
Missing cat in st giles area
Our beautiful cat Moonshadow has been missing from the arboretum area of Lincoln since new year’s eve. He is a white and grey longhaired cat wearing a colourful collar with a bell on it. He is neutered and microchipped. He is a very shy boy and runs away from anybody not in his immediate family
Pure white cat missing from Bassingham torgate ave area . Last seen 27th December 2018. If anyone has seen him or comes across him please get in touch answers to the name of bobby
Rocky has managed to get under my car and as I was driving on the main road through sudbrooke he has fallen out and ran. He fell out between the garage and langworth train tracks. I’d really like to get him to a vet asap incase he has serious injuries. Please could you check your sheds and gardens for my boy

Kat is 6 years old, spayed and microchipped.

Missing from Sunday 16th, from Allenby Close, Lincoln

Missing cat in LN6 Elsham crescent area. Please keep an eye out for her. She’s 10 and been missing since 13 Dec
Rocky has been missing since around 4th December, from Shearwater Road off Skellingthorpe Road lincoln

My boy Tom went missing last Sunday (02/12) from Welton Gardens/Ingleby Crescent, and hasn’t been seen since. He’s always been a house cat until we moved a couple of months ago and even then he just used to sit in the garden. Can be very timid so he would most likely of hidden

Vinnie is missing from Cherry Willingham. He is neutered and chipped, no collar. Please check sheds/garages in case he is trapped.

Missing cat Grey/brown/tabby Ermine east near Welton gardens, No microchip no collar can be afraid sometimes. Thomas went missing early December.

our black and white male unneutered cat has been missing since 19/11/18. Answers to the name Oscar or Fella!! Lost in Archer Road, Branston area. It is unusual for him to be gone for this length of time, can people kindly check their gardens, sheds, garages or any closed area. If anyone has any information please contact me on here ! Thank you!

Casper our 1 yr old adored boy has been missing from Cherry paddocks since wednesday which is extremely unusual for him, he’s very friendly and loving and we would love to have him home with us so if anybody has seen him please get in touch. He is chipped

Charlie.. Much loved old lady. Missing since Tuesday. Retief Close area, Ermine West
Please check gardens and under hedges

Missing cat no. Collar From Boston Pe21 0hh

Lost around Carholme road area neutered male also micro chipped no collar been missing 12 days grateful for any information

This is our cat teddy he’s been missing since Wednesday, we are located in digby if anyone has seen him please could you let us know. He is very friendly and nosey so maybe could have been locked in a shed, stable etc many thanks

Please can people on ermine West keep an eye for Holmes ,one on the left,not seen since yesterday, very unusual for him, he’s microchipped and very loved . Thank you.

Missing from ermine west near burton road end about 2 weeks ago very friendly boy 1 year old hoping he was back by now his brother is missing him if anyone has seen him please ring me on 07808809973 he hasnt been neutered yet

This is Lily, she has been missing from Hewson Road in the West End since Sunday 30th September. Please let me know if you see her. She’s 18months old but still a small cat. Thanks

My boy Apollo is missing in North Hykeham area x he is aged 10 and is chipped please  let me know if any sightings x thanks in advance

Still missing our bengal boy from Spilsby area,he is chipped so keep your eyes peeled for him and a reward for his return. Thank you.

Our cat Jez is missing. We’ve just moved here ,Mareham Road,Horncastle 3 weeks ago and let him out for the first time on Sunday 23 Sept, he went out and came back a few times during the day but has been missing since Sunday evening. If anyone has seen him please let me know

Hey everyone can you keep a look out for a black fluffy cat around Brant road and Calder road she is chipped and does have a collar on with her name kammy and my mobile number

Charlie , Chipped and Neutered , missing from Kirkstead Bridge area Woodhall Spa since last Sunday 16 sept 01526352295

Our beloved family pet has been missing from Carnarvon Close area of Bingham since Wednesday 29th August, we are desperate to have him home. We also have his brother (they are identical but the one that is missing is not wearing a collar) Offering a substantial cash reward for his safe return

Belle. She is very nervous & timid & been missing from east ermine area of Lincoln since 14th August. When last seen she did have a collar on but could possibly have lost it by now.
If seen please call 01522 279647

This is Ray he has been missing from  Hykeham Road area for a week now. He is a beautiful ginger Tom. If anyone knows anything can they please get in touch. Thank you so much

Pretty girl Rosie is missing from home in Mill Lane, Sturton by Stow. She is mchipped and 9 yrs old. Please check sheds/garages and out buildings if you live near the old Mill.

This beautiful rag doll Jinxsy went missing from Hawthorn Avenue in Cherry Willingham. on 19th June. Please keep a look out for him.

Bertie is missing from his Lincoln Road home in Washingborough. He is

Dylan is still missing!!! Disappeared 13th April from NG23(Harby). He may have taken a lift in a van to Lincoln on that day – we just don’t know. If you think you see him please let us know

Syd is missing from The Avenue in Gainsborough.If you live in the area please check your sheds and garages.

Jamie went missing early May around brayford and upto the waterside centre