Cats missing 2018


CALL 01522 – 306195 or 01522-796089 or 


Gorgeous ELVIS
Missing from his home on Kennington Cl. Dunholme for 3days.
Please check sheds and garages if you live near this lovely lad in case he is shut in. Call in on 01522 796089/306195 with any sightings


Please can someone message me if you’ve seen my cat Casper, he’s been gone since 12th October 2018 around 9am, it’s very unusual for him not to come home for meals. Please check sheds/garages etc.
He’s completely black with a red collar with contact details, he is neutered and chipped and quite a large cat. We’re so worried about him

This is our cat teddy he’s been missing since Wednesday, we are located in digby if anyone has seen him please could you let us know. He is very friendly and nosey so maybe could have been locked in a shed, stable etc many thanks


Please can people on ermine West keep an eye for Holmes ,one on the left,not seen since yesterday, very unusual for him, he’s microchipped and very loved . Thank you.

MIssing cat – RAF Digby
Quentin has been missing from his home on Linnet Court, RAF Digby since the morning of 09/10/18, have you seen him?
Quentin is a 1 year old, long haired, tabby and white male, who is neutered and micro-chipped but doesn’t wear a collar.
If you’ve seen Quentin, please contact Sleaford Cats Protection via Facebook or on 01529488749.

Missing from ermine west near burton road end about 2 weeks ago very friendly boy 1 year old hoping he was back by now his brother is missing him if anyone has seen him please ring me on 07808809973 he hasnt been neutered yet

Recently moved to Beaufort Close  and accidentally got out and hasn’t returned.
Please keep an eye out for her and call in on 306195/796089 with any sightings

missing from the ermine east estate Laughton Way North area, she is a tabby and white female aged 8 years, very friendly. She answers to the name of Chubbs and has been missing since the early hours of Tuesday morning.

This is Lily, she has been missing from Hewson Road in the West End since Sunday 30th September. Please let me know if you see her. She’s 18months old but still a small cat. Thanks

Missing from Brant road area of Lincoln he is a neutered male last seen on 4th October wearing a blue collar he is a very friendly cat who loves the company children and often waits for the children to finish school for a fuss


My boy Apollo is missing in North Hykeham area x he is aged 10 and is chipped please  let me know if any sightings x thanks in advance

Still missing our bengal boy from Spilsby area,he is chipped so keep your eyes peeled for him and a reward for his return. Thank you.

Tom is neutered and new to Doddington Park area. He has only been let out this weekend. He’s not ventured far since being let out Friday night. He’s slept inside and gone for a wander and then come back. But when I went to bed last night he was on the bed. When we got up this morning he’s nowhere around. We’ve shouted him but nothing. Could people keep an eye out. We’re in Rockingham close off Goodwood. He hasn’t got a collar on. He managed to take every one off that he’s had on. He’s extremely friendly

Our cat Jez is missing. We’ve just moved here ,Mareham Road,Horncastle 3 weeks ago and let him out for the first time on Sunday 23 Sept, he went out and came back a few times during the day but has been missing since Sunday evening. If anyone has seen him please let me know


This lad has been missing from his home on Spruce Close BRANSTON since 1st Sept. If anyone has seen him or knows where He is please call in on 306195/796089

This is pretty Kiwi who is missing from Brigg. She does get into car boots especially at Elsham Golf Course so please look out for her

Our male cat Ernie has gone missing from Sturton by Stow. Quite nervous as our other cat got shot last year in the village and just recently another cat has been shot and two others missing. Would greatly appreciate people keeping an eye out.

Hey everyone can you keep a look out for a black fluffy cat around Brant road and Calder road she is chipped and does have a collar on with her name kammy and my mobile number

Charlie , Chipped and Neutered , missing from Kirkstead Bridge area Woodhall Spa since last Sunday 16 sept 01526352295

Tabby female cat missing from Allenby Close area. Missing 2 weeks now. Not unusual to wander for a few days but never this long. If anyone has seen please let me know. She is microchipped but doesn’t wear a collar.


My name is phoebe I’ve got lost on grange crescent Lincoln LN68BT on 18/9/18
Please look out for my daughters cat in the hykeham road area my mother was cat sitting for a week while my daughter on holiday she will be frightened as only at the house for 2 hours and escaped out of top window she 9 years old and microchipped to Fishtoft in Boston where she normally lives there will be a small reward if found
Contact us 01522 822845 or 01522 803663

My lovely indoor kitty Malcolm has escaped out a window on Riverside Drive, High Street. If you are around the High Street/Gaunt Street/Riverbank please let me know if you see him. He’s never been out before

my cat poppy has been missing a few weeks now and I’m getting worried we live on st Giles near the fire station really need her home now


Our beloved family pet has been missing from Carnarvon Close area of Bingham since Wednesday 29th August, we are desperate to have him home. We also have his brother (they are identical but the one that is missing is not wearing a collar) Offering a substantial cash reward for his safe return


Belle. She is very nervous & timid & been missing from east ermine area of Lincoln since 14th August. When last seen she did have a collar on but could possibly have lost it by now.
If seen please call 01522 279647

This is milo… My oldest boy he’s 6 years old. Chipped. Neutered. And had a severe skin condition which causes him to lose his fur… He’s missing from queen street bardney lincoln of you have him or know where he is please let him come home

Missing from LN2 area. Been living there only a month, is chipped but details not updated

Lost just outside Bracebridge Heath “Button” is just over a year old and can be slightly nervous ,PLEASE help her safe return,Large reward to anybody finding her

We have lost our 6-month-old kitten Zeus. He left our flat on Williamson Street two days ago (August 29th). It was his first time out off of a harness when he bolted from sight and could not be found. We have been looking several times every day since and leaving food out. He is not microchipped yet and wears no collar (He’s rather adept at escaping harnesses etc.)He is a bengal/tabby mix and very energetic and friendly.


This is Ray he has been missing from  Hykeham Road area for a week now. He is a beautiful ginger Tom. If anyone knows anything can they please get in touch. Thank you so much


Dylan is a 9 year old male Tabby. He is microchipped and neutered. He has spent the majority of his life as a house cat and very rarely wanders far from home.Root is 18 month old black and white female. She is small for her age and could easily be mistaken for a younger kitten.She is microchipped and spayed. Again she is a very homely kitty and very rarely wanders far. They went missing within 48 hours of each other. They are missing from Irongate

Can you keep an eye out for my mother in laws cat, Roscoe please. From long Bennington. Been missing since Monday. He’s microchipped and neutered. Much loved family member. Doesn’t normally stay away this long.

Pretty girl Rosie is missing from home in Mill Lane, Sturton by Stow. She is mchipped and 9 yrs old. Please check sheds/garages and out buildings if you live near the old Mill.

MISSING since Saturday 18th August
Angel is a microchipped, neutered male.
He is almost all white and has a recognisable small patch of grey on his head.

Missing for 7days. Please help us find Fergie. Drury lane area next to the castle.

This beautiful rag doll Jinxsy went missing from Hawthorn Avenue in Cherry Willingham. on 19th June. Please keep a look out for him.


Aby is missing from home in Meadow Rise, Saxilby. She is more of an indoor cat and has a pink collar, no mchip. She will be frightened. Please check your sheds/garages and out buildings in case she is trapped. Any information to 01522 306195 please


This is Donny and he’s missing from his Cross Street home near the stadium.

Scratch is missing from home in Arboretum Ave and not seen for 3 weeks. She is neutered, chipped and should have a pink collar on. Owner thinks someone in Thomas St may be feeding her, so she is not going home. Any information and please check sheds etc to 01522 306195/796089
Please do not think that because you see a cat regularly near your home and feed him/her, that it is stray. Cats often wander, not necessarily far from home and if they are in good condition, they should not be fed

15mnth old MARLEY is chipped / neutered has been missing from his home on Blankney Cres for 3 weeks. He used to live on Yarborough so may be making his way back

My baby Betsy is missing. Last seen Friday 27 july night when i stupidly left the bedroom window open. She is extremely timid. She looks very thin and is tiny. Please dont feed her. She has always been this way. She is microchipped. People around High Street, Washingborough please share this for me and please check sheds etc.

This is Simba and he’s missing from Welton

Jiggy has been missing from her home on Hawthorn Chase LN2 for 5 days. Please check sheds, garages, outbuildings – anywhere she could have got shut in. Call with any sightings 01522 796089/306195

Bertie is missing from his Lincoln Road home in Washingborough. He is 12 yrs old

This lovely Lad is missing from his home on Warley Road in Scunthorpe. He is Chipped and Neutered 12mnths old. If you live near him please check sheds and garages in case he is shut in – any sightings please call in on 01522 796089 or 306195

Teddy has not been seen for three days at his home in Quarrington. He has no collar, but is chipped. He is normally in and out all day, so this is unusual. The garden backs on to London Rd. 01522 306195/796089 with any information please. Check sheds and garages in case he is trapped.

Dylan is still missing!!! Disappeared 13th April from NG23(Harby). He may have taken a lift in a van to Lincoln on that day – we just don’t know. If you think you see him please let us know.

This is Jiji and she’s missing from West Parade. There are a lot of closed houses, some having work carried out and she could be shut in.Please keep a look out for her

This 14month old lad has been missing from Peel Street for 5 Days. Please check sheds and garages in case he is shut in. Any sightings call in on 306195/796089

Missing male tabby cat called Tig has been missing from his home Ashfield, Sturton by Stow near the school. Last seen Tuesday 12th June 2018 . Please check sheds and garages if you live nearby. Please call with any information desperate to find him.

Missing from Heighington area for 4 days. he is 2 yrs old, neutered and chipped and timid. Please check sheds/garages in case he is trapped

MISSING from Harrington Avenue, Boultham Park, LN6.
Dexter is a large male cat, approx 9 years old, neutered and micro-chipped.

Lovely boy, chipped and wearing a zebra collar, missing from Bridge Street, Saxilby. Please check in garages/sheds if you live near in case he is trapped. 01522 306195/796089 with any information


Syd is missing from The Avenue in Gainsborough.If you live in the area please check your sheds and garages.


Shadow, m/n, chipped no collar missing since thursday night 10th May from Epsom Rd,
1 yr old

Ronnie has been missing from the LN2 4SD area since mid June.He is a 3year old boy

Bono has been missing from Fen Lane, North Hykeham since early April.




Please can everyone keep an eye out for Lollie. She is a Black & White domestic shorthair with a distinctive heart shape on her nose. Not microchipped. Last seen at Tattershall Lakes. If you find her please call the surgery on 01526 268060


Ceefa is missing from Victoria St, Bracebridge and not seen since last Monday. She is 15 yrs and never been missing before. No chip but has a blue collar and a kink in the end of her tail. Please check sheds/garages and any information please to 01522 306195/796089, her owner is very worried


Washingborough area
18-6-2018 5 yrs,Neutered MaleMicrochipped
No collar      Phone number-01522 790928


Mia is chipped and went missing from the Saxilby area mid May.


Jamie went missing early May around brayford and upto the waterside centre


SHANTI” 10mnth female, no collar but is chipped – missing from Cherry Willingham near Primary School since 7th April

JACK who is our missing 18 months old male kitten/cat. Last seen on the evening of Monday 26 March 2018 on Main Road, Dunston, LN4 2EZ.
We would be grateful if you could keep a look out for him


Jackson missing from Harcourt Street in Newark. Neutered and chipped but chip not updated

Missing Sky 10month old neutered and chipped from High Street Ingham

This is handsome Oreo who’s missing from his home in Witham St Hughs. He has no collar or chip

Charlton went missing from his Monson Street home mid Feb

Max missing from high St/Dixon St since start feb. He is m/n, chipped and red collar.

Missing from Shiregate, Metheringham since Friday Jan 29. Pinnocchio is 3 yrs,
chipped no collar, m/n. There was carpet delivered next door and he hasn’t
been seen since.