Cats missing 2017



Sweep missing since 10th Aug from McCauley dr/Byron Ave. He is 16 yrs, m/n, no chip but black collar with details on

Lily is 11 yrs old, a housecat, mchipped and missing from Newark Rd backing on to Branston Close, end of De Wint.   She will be timid and frightened

missing from Lincoln Rd, Fenton, chipped to wrong address. 8 yrs, f/s, no collar since  Aug 6th

Missing from Beech Close, Sudbrooke. She is chipped and wearing a lilac sparkly collar. Very sociable.

Wilson missing since 24th July from Crescent Mews, harmston. He is friendly, chipped but no collar.

Freya missing since 25 July night from Goldsmith walk. Mostly indoor, 5 yrs, f/s, chipped no collar, lh.

Missing since 22nd June from Sykes Lane, Saxilby. He was staying there while his owners were away so he won’t know the area – he comes from Hykeham

My Cat Donatello has gone missing, he is a young, male cat with a brown, black and white pattern on him. He went missing from our house in Washingborough yesterday (13/07/2017) and has not come in for food on four occasions.

Aisha. Missing from Grace Ave since Tues 14th June

“RANGER” missing from  De-Wint Ave since Wed june 8 night

Believed stolen  Pebbles 9yrs no collar or chip missing for at least a week from Trinity Street Gains

ARTIE – 12 month neutered and chipped missing from Rutland Ave Waddington  since morning – 17th May

Missing from Lincoln Road Branston since mid May 

Missing from School Lane, Canwick  whlie on holiday. She is 19 and a half, no col/chip and doesnt usually go out.

“BERTIE” Blk M/n 2yrs from Webb Street off Altham Terrace on 15th April

Blk/Wh LH M/C 16mnths- Large Fluffy Cat Missing since Sat 15thApril – recently moved from Sixfield Cl off Skellingthorpe Rd to Primrose Cl (New Build) also off Skelly road

missing since Monday 10th April from Albert St/Sincil Bank, Hope is 2or3 yrs old, f/s, no collar or chip and small.

missing from Arboretum Ave/ Monks Rd since Friday 24th March. he is entire, 6 months and is chipped. He has never been out before.

Jax missing since Thursday from Andover Close/Jasmine Rd, Birchwood. He is not chipped, has blue collar with bell and war around strangers.

missing from Grange Lane, Willingham by Stow. He is 3 yrs, m/n and chipped, a Savannah. He is a wanderer when hunting but never stays out overnight. Not seen since Sunday 12th March

Beautiful M/c but is chipped – missing since mid January from Queen Mary Rd Ermine

Missing from Oakfield St/ Monks Rd, since Feb 5th. Entire, no chip or
collar, indoor cat.

Harvey who went missing in Dunholme end of January. He is all ginger ,17 yrs old and has never spent a night away from home . He is neither chipped or wearing a collar but has always been a house cat.  

Eric is yrs old,and is missing from Station Road North Hykeham



missing since Jan 6th from Byland Close, Carlton Centre. m/n, 8 yrs no collar or chip unusual to wander.

Reg. Charity 1114359