About Us

bertie parker


LINCOLN CAT CARE (charity number 1114359)

In 2004 a group of cat lovers set up a charity which would help the cats locally in whatever way was necessary. Because of the work we do people have grown to learn that we will do whatever we can and so have supported us

When funds allow we run a free neutering campaign as we believe that each unwanted kitten takes a potential home from an adult cat. We have helped numerous people, when circumstances have forced considering giving up a loved pet, by helping arrange vet treatment if needed or supply food for an interim period. Many of these homes have contributed to our funds when circumstances improved which meant we could help others.

Many cats which were to be PTS because of injuries, ailments or lack of finances to pay for vet treatment that we have heard of we’ve helped and either returned to their loving family or found a new home for them to recuperate. We try to collect any reported RTAs as soon as possible so the cat does not suffer and, where possible to inform the family to give them closure

People support our work in many ways. Giving time is one way that we cannot get enough of. There is a wide range of help you can give. Good condition items for resale, either in our shop or on ebay, are always needed. Items such as food and litter can be arranged through our facebook page or dropped into our shop if you want to help that way.

If you care about the cats locally please contact anyone on the ‘contacts’ page to find out how YOU can help.